The Illuminati Game: Pence Implicates Ryan

Mike Pence has confessed to high crimes and misdemeanors during his interrogation and has implicated Paul Ryan as a co-conspirator in the coup against President Trump. Plus…Jessie Czebotar of Illuminate The Darkness joins us to discuss the Illuminati Game and answer your questions. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. Love your show can’t afford to upgrade at this time.

    My guess is Ryan will be arrested, both convicted of treason trial made public. Fraud Vitiates election. Trump will continue but the DS will pretend everything is normal and B is president and so is Trump. Two Governments for a while. It will end well.

  2. Trump said a smooth transition of power. He didn’t say where the power was transitioning to. You’re assuming that he’s transferring power to Biden-Harris. He could very well be transferring the power into his second term. Why would he do all this investigating, prepare 220,000 sealed federal indictments, double the size of GITMO, arrange military tribunals, carry out all these rendition flights since 2018, arrest, try, convict and even execute that long list of political and Hollywood Elites (which I hope to see soon as an inner circle member) just to throw in the towel to hand it over to communists? He’s not. He let the Deep State coup rear its ugly head to finalize his list. But I think you already know this.

    • Like the plastic caskets, human cage train cars, exuberant arrests that never took place, or the Gitmo executions that remain myth, I think we were played over and over by disinfo-ists, malinfo-ists, haltruth-ists, and most assuredly ourselves. So we all have guns and ammo?! No one ever works together on locval food distribution methods, neighborhood council meetings, or anything resembling a world of competent people. We wait for saviors and we wait for announcements. We are sheep waiting for slaughter with “real news” tightening around our necks while we sit, and wait,, and sit, and wait…. We are fattened, sleeping fodder which dreams it is awake.

  3. I think the sealed indictments, 4 yrs of a storm is coming was all bs.I think in reality the deep state and biden will take full control, and if president wanted to do anything, he can’t because absolutely no one in the white house, surrounding him in DC is listening to him any further, even the brass has betrayed him. We will know soon enough, i predict through 2021 we will suffer the loss of more freedom and rights. Our country had every chance for revolution, the moment it started, it ended.

  4. This is sadly religious. It is based, not upon the facts required of truth.
    Rather on faith, that antithesis of truth.
    This is sadly religious.
    The cults of left and right resemble each other as in a
    totalitarian mirror of walking and running in a circle of jerks.
    It is based, not upon any substantive facts required of truth.
    Rather it smells of faith, that antithesis of truth and the spirit of human endeavor.
    I am reminded of Jeanne Dixon.
    She used to tell hslf the country that [A] would happen.
    She would tell the other half that [not-A] would happen.
    When that totality not-mysteriously did happen, she then
    took the “correct” half of the original group and divided
    its follower-sheep between two more halves of an obvious
    sum-of-one, so that after it “became true” she appeared
    as being 2-for-2 in terms of predictions with one-quarter
    of the country.
    It is the mathematics of fake truth.
    It is the calculus of half-truths.
    Two of them equals one lie.
    I smell a self-salesman who is hungry not for truth, but
    for the mathematical certainty of starry-eyed followers.
    The motivation is despicable, and the sheepish following
    is what ensures an overall couldn’t-care-less defeat.
    There is only the leash which followers provide.
    This is NOT about following a derelict logician or some savior
    leader. It had better become about self-determination and the
    responsibility that it yields mutually, called a “republic”,
    with others.
    Even with the possibility of feigns withing feigns, this is
    not some entertaining follow from a couch game just like the
    fixed NFL with all of its simpleton “good sports” actors.
    It’s about standing on your own feet, not acting 14 forever,
    and growing into adulthood with dysfunctionalities, codependencies,
    and narcissistic top-of-the-heap notions with regards to self-valuation.
    Wake the f**k up and stop pretending you already are just
    becaquse ‘woke’ people are not. You’re both playing puppet
    roles for the same master: the absence of yourself[-rule].
    If we are ever to transcend beyond a world of ‘slaves without masters’
    and its successor ‘slaves with masters’ into a world of ‘masters
    without slaves’, then we had better start activating truths
    exhibited that tendency by acting masterfully.
    Merely swallowing someone’s half-wit versions of it leaves
    a wasteland of banality before and aft a time line… a
    slow-but-soon-fast death march. Parasites to the left of us,
    parasites to the right, volley and thunder. And we entertain
    as well as provide them with sustenance.
    Faithfully and very sad.

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