Source: Inauguration Cancelled

At least one very credible source is reporting that Joe Biden’s inauguration as president has been cancelled and that Donald Trump has implemented the Insurrection Act after a failed assassination attempt. We examine the facts with Greg Halpern of Formula 4 Protocol. Plus…a conversation with a practitioner of Wicca. Are witches and warlocks real? Are rituals performed? Are spells and magic the stuff of fairy tales? Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. Love ? this stuff David. I just sent it out to a bunch of my frustrated disgruntled friends. Awesome. I hope its all true.

  2. David, NoahideLaws will be immediately enacted once Insurrection Act or Martial Law is called. Am I reading & understanding correctly?

  3. your a sick network pence is alive barr is alive trump is a traitor and coward so is pence your twisted you have no proof

  4. What a real hoax the whole mass arrest and reset of our great republic. Q? I’m so disappointed and mad. What a folklore!!!

  5. Dave about 40 years ago this satanist bull crap was going on . Remember Gerald on the old analog tv . Yep ! We remember. Back when JFK … same sorry SOBs . All of you truth seeker just be patient for a little while longer. Trump has got someone besides the military, the Clintons tried to oust him to just like his daddy . People wake up , get armed and stand ready America is waking up by the thousands. God bless you all , thanks dave Carey on my friend.

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