Shock Autopsy On George Floyd Death

The autopsy report on petty-porn star George Floyd precisely detailing the cause of death is causing shock and consternation across international media.

Frozen with indecision, mainstream media is trying to figure out a way of explaining their exaltation to super-hero status of a serial violent Black criminal who, it turns out’, died of natural causes and self-harm and not as a consequence of killing by Police Officer Derek Chauvin and other arresting officers.

The jury is out and it had best be kept out of the courtroom after autopsy report reveals that George Floyd’s autopsy report concludes the repeat felon had a very large amount of fentanyl in his system?

Also present were methamphetamines, morphine, and cannabinoids. The highly skilled medical specialists found no evidence of damage to his (George Floyd’s) neck or of asphyxiation. They did find Floyd had pre-existing severe coronary artery disease and cardiomyopathy.

In fact, there was no evidence of any traumatic injury that would have led to death. He was also positive for coronavirus.

In other words, George Floyd was not killed. The officers involved in the case cannot be held responsible for the death of a man who whilst in custody died of natural causes aggravated by drug abuse.

The $64,000 question is how will the Black Lives Movement and their Democrat and Corporate sponsors react on discovering that their rage and funding was entirely misplaced.

How will mainstream media who turned the vicious criminal into a saint as they did with Communist Party member Martin Luther King and former terrorist killer Nelson Mandela report the facts?

How, in the wake of the Black Lives Matter/Antifa fireball insurrections will the United States people, victims of the media’s support for Black Lives Matter, react to the news that a cop innocent beyond doubt was falsely imprisoned and faced a life sentence in solitary until (conveniently) murdered by a fellow inmate?

Interesting times lie ahead, events and back-peddling, perhaps a brush and convenient carpet will be necessary to clean up the debris snail-trail left by mainstream media, far-left, liberals, the Democrats, and of course the  ‘take the knee’ British cops and Westminster political elite.

Perhaps media could keep the coronavirus scam going by highlighting the fact that the Black fugitive, who served a long prison sentence for robbing a pregnant woman, died of what we now know is no more lethal than is the common cold. AUTOPSY REPORT

The solution, never again purchases a newspaper or buy into mainstream hate propaganda spun in favour of black revolutionary rapists. Never respond to advertisements. Save Lives: boycott mainstream media and their advertisers.

AUTOPSY REPORT  PDF-file Autopsy_2020-3700_Floyd