Report: Robert David Steele Executed (Update: He’s Alive)

Reports are coming in from across the globe that Robert David David Steele, former Marine, CIA case officer, and US co-founder of the US Marine Corps intelligence activity, has been executed on the orders of President Donald Trump for selling secrets to the cabal. We will bring you the latest on his status. Emanual Blue discusses Lil Nas X and his Satanic music video. Plus…Dr. James Fetzer reacts to the Steele story and breaks down recent police videos that could shed some light on the George Floyd murder trial. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!


As stated during the presentation of this report, the evidence appeared to be unsubstantiated that Steele had in fact been executed. It would appear at this point that Robert David Steele is alive. That’s good to know. Obviously the originator of this story was either a troll or was mistaken.

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      • Utter rubbish, I use like this channel but it’s lost the plot now to many wild claims without a single bit of evidence to back it up
        All these people who are supposedly been convicted and executed ect ect , then there’s the clones or body doubles !!!
        Show me the proof , anything please

    • Yes. reconviper1. seen the same video.. David needs to do more research before he does this kind of broadcast.. now it makes me wonder about everything else this David is sharing with everyone. David and charlie where doing a Zoom. litterly laughing about this propaganda.. shame on him for doing this post..

    • I think he is dead.
      Pay attention to the small things in his room, it’s not the same, empty shelves, no fireplace, no statues… it’s not him, it’s not his room for sure, just watch some of his interviews before Aoril 10th!
      It’s executed!

      • I agree. I’m sure it wasn’t the first time he was reported to have been executed. That video of he and Charlie Ward looked digitally created and programed to me. This is being done a lot lately. He has not had a video since this news came to be nor has there been activity on his website. He’s toast.

    • They would not let that show with him and Charlie Ward play they said it had been taken down and you know how Charlie puts up vids with today’s date but we’re actually days back js

    • Steele is a horrible person. Do not trust ANYONE calling for a coalition government. Coalition governments (with reps from every party in the legislature) are tried and shown to be hallmarks of socialist countries. Israel has a coalition government and all it has done is destroy democracy and create a ruling elite that all hate each other so they can’t get anything achieved. I was suspicious the moment I heard RDS call for such a government in America. Horrified. Google every country that has a coalition government and you will see what I mean. Either he is a total ignoramus regarding government structures or, because he’s former CIA and prior commissioned, he absolutely knows what he’s calling for in America. RDS is a globalist plant. I knew I got bad vibes from him from the getgo for a reason.

  1. I doubt Trump will return by April.Would be awesome but don’t see it happening.I can’t see Charlie Ward working at the Pentagon.

    • My sources are saying Trump will be back in office between the end of April and the end of august. Charlie Ward will not head the pentagon, that is ludicrous. He is the spokesman for the Quantum Financial System and is the guy who was contracted to move the gold into each country to back the new system. Steele was on Ward’s program yesterday morning and they were laughing at the report that Ward was the one who whacked him.

      • now, i’m doubting everything David has shared as lies. he got this one so wrong. should of done his homework first before broadcasting this disinformation. Shame on you.. there are many of us that follow many truth seekers. you just proved yourself as not one that shares the truth , but rumors… tisk, tisk..

  2. RDS is great friends w/ Juan O. Savin. This scenario reeks of disinformation…imagine checks from George Soros found in his trousers… how absurd. Hope the same fake news does not come to you Mr. Zublick. 🙂

  3. The person or persons that passed this story around are still wiping egg off their faces. His name was also Robert of the Dark Outpost.

  4. Beyond jumping the gun on RDS’s death, my initial problem with Zublick is that he charges for historical news. Of course, now, it’s not likely much of what he reports is true anyhow. In my opinion anyone who charges for news that is history in the making is money grubbing. Everything I uncover is offered freely for anyone who is interested. The sources Zublick sites are likely the same sources the rest of us have, that is, if he has any at all. Q warned all of us to be careful who we follow and in particular those who charge money. Everyone is entitled to believe what they want, but when information is so exceedingly important, as everything is during these times, if it’s not offered freely, I feel it’s suspect.

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