President Trump Signals COVID Second Wave A Hoax

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures and declares "You're fired!" at a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, June 17, 2015. (Dominick Reuter/Reuters)

A critic of Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak (D) pointed out on Twitter a picture circulated by the media showing a healthcare worker in a parking garage taking a selfie in front of a row of folded up beds wrapped in plastic.

“Here is the fake Nevada parking garage hospital picture that our moron governor tweeted, proving it’s all a scam. No patients, folded up beds, wrapped up equipment that’s never been used! They spent millions on this scam and never seen a single patient in this fake hospital!” said.

Trump retweeted that tweet and added: “Fake election results in Nevada, also!”

Sisolak had retweeted the photo on Monday thanking the first responders.

The man in the selfie, Dr. Jacob Keeperman, claimed he was at the COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit at Renown Medical Center in Reno where he had witnessed 5 deaths “in the last 32 hours.”


Another doctor told local media that they put more beds in the parking garage in case they hit capacity.

“If we continue to have an uptick of COVID-19 patients, we’re going to run out of hospital beds and people to take care of sick people,” said Dr. Deborah Kuhls.

A local ABC affiliate report covering this second wave “surge” shows dozens of empty hospital beds seemingly ready for more patients.


Picture of Renown’s parking garage with dozens of empty beds (KTNV-Las Vegas)



  1. I think hospitals are committing fraud to to get free money, they know the respirators kill but they dont care. The more deaths the more money and the doctors and nurses are complicit because they want to keep their cushy jobs and not be a trouble makers. So i have no respect for hospitals, doctors, nurses, dentists and postal workers.

  2. Donald Hoax Trump= Most of his administration were incompetent’s and his leadership was a HOAX.

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