Obama Killed bin Laden’s Body Double: Seal Team 6 Shot Down As A Cover-Up

Charles woods (Tyrone woods father -Benghazi) just presented major evidence that Bin Laden was not killed by Obama in Asadabad. Iran had him and tricked Obama so they could blackmail him into sending them the billions in the Iran deal. And Joe Biden had Seal Team Six shot down in their helicopter to keep them quiet.”

Allen Harroe Parrot (CIA whistleblower) indicates he has documents which will soon be released. A must watch-report!

Click the image below to see this video.


  1. Bin Laden was supposedly killed at his compound in Peshawar Pakistan , not Iraq , did anyone do their homework as this important detail seems to have been overlooked.

    • He absolutely was not killed.. It was a body double, Obama paid 150 million to Pakistan and Iraq to buy their silence. And yes Obama and Biden also murdered seal team 6 and had Benghazi ambushed and murdered as well

  2. Died:
    May 2, 2011, Abbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistany not peshawar. I should have done more homework as well sorry guys and girls.

    • Homework? With false information. Keep sipping the Kool-aid. Obama should hang for treason.

      • The burial at Sea was strange to me. Obama says he didn’t want to inflame the Muslem world with a public ceremony. Really? Could they get more angry?

        • Exactly.. Not at all their way of laying one to rest. It was all BS. Obama and Bush worst Presidents in my lifetime

  3. With recent events regarding the most fraudulent presidential election ever held in this country, every past event that occurred under a commiecrat (democrat) administration becomes questionable. The commiecrats don’t care how many people die in order to further their agenda. They will lie, cheat and steal 24/7, 365 days a year. The whole business with OBL stunk to high heaven from the moment I watched the news on TV. I wouldn’t trust a commiecrat in the sh*thouse with a roll of toilet paper.

    • Whats even worse is Obama and his fake wife, truly Michael LaVaugn Robinson,and their fake Christian family, daughters they had to pay a $15 million lawsuit for,was actually born in Kenya,forged birth certificate, was actually muslim.. Also a child trafficking, torturing and murdering sick psycopath. They were sold to us by lamestream fake news media as a beautiful Christian family.

  4. The Bin Ladin raid? The helicopters I have heard from a mile away. I can’t imagine the noise of one landing and crashing against the center block wall in someone’s back yard. Then all these Seals set an explosive off to get through the wall and into the house?!!!! And everyone is still seated at the dining table? I don’t think 99% of AL Queada would not have left for a neighbors house, once the wash from the approaching helicopters, first became deafening from miles away.

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