Melinda Gates Is Actor Kevin Kline

Shocking news out of the entertainment and political worlds reveal that actor Kevin Kline has been portraying Melinda Gates since the Gates’ execution at Guantanamo Bay. Elderly people are dying suddenly of unexplained illnesses after receiving the COVID vaccine. John Carman chimes in on the conspiracies in Washington and his work as a private investigator. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. David you reported the military was working on a vaccine back in 2018. so the government ,under president Trump, had to pay phiizer and merdura to say they made it and rushed thru approval. so we shouldnt trust our military? I feel you should do your best to deliver the Facts and not speculation or opinion.

  2. Most times ,when you get immunization .you usually get symptoms of whatever they are immunizing you for ,and sometimes worse than the disease itself. thats why i skip immunization ,now that i am adult. people are going to do whatever they feel is best. thanks for sharing

    • Wake up little sheep and turn off the TV. Everything you watch is mind control. If you can not handle the truth, then go and do some research on the web and enlighten yourself to the Deep State Cabal that has been killing 2 million children per year. The Military Tribunals at Gitmo will show who has been arrested and dealt with. David is just one of Gods warriors who putting themselves in danger to wake you stupid sheep up. You should be ashamed at yourself for judging someone who is for the light, not the dark side.

    • Check out the pictures of Barack as a young boy vs. what he looks like in the video. His ears have really started sticking out more and more.

    • Yes he is dead and meany more keep your comments to a minimum you sound like your are a sleep, please wake up

    • Obummer is not in this video, he is DEAD!! Everything he says about his life is a lie! He lived in a luminati bunker until he was 23! Research Obama and underground tunnels, it shows up! He was groomed,trained as a foreign crown Muslim agent,do you know what they do? Research that too! Springsteen is a pedo,liar,murdered children too!Don’t fall for the BS until you research!!

    • Barry Soetoro is not an American! What you see here is either a double or clone! He was executed! Talk with his step brother M.Obama! He told the entire story!!

  3. This is probably Obama doppelganger. Lot’s of head of states have them as to protect themselves from assination. Watch the move the Devil’s Double. Great movie based on a true story.

  4. Who did instruct the vaccine makers to all make an rna vaccine? Even in The Netherlands they make an RNA vaccine.. No other technique available?

  5. You might want to check out a current picture of Kevin Kline. That alone debunks your bullshit

  6. I don’t know if I had Covid or not. However, I was really sick in Jan 2020 for three weeks.Sore throat,bad cough, high fever,tired all the time, no energy.I took Cinnamon, Ginger Root,Pre-natal Vitamins, Calcium,Vitamin C,Turmeric,B12,and Omega 3. I also drank lots of water. I was fine for two months.In March 2020, I got the same thing again, repeated what I took before. I’ve been fine ever since.I am 61 years young:)

  7. and now GATES says he wants to get a divorce, Kevin will be pleased seeing how he has been working with another actor playing evil Gates , all those scripts having to be read, and all that waving of the arms and spluttering GATES does looking like a demented Praying Mantis, with eyes flicking from side to side ..

  8. Thank you for all that you do ! It’s difficult to continue to bring truth and light to the world 🌎 when the ones we love the most choose to believe the Illumidonkey lies !! This is something all Q patriots have to deal with at some point ,if I hadn’t died 7 times the last for 13mins and 37 seconds! I would’ve never came face to to face with source and given the choice to return to darkness or stay in the paradise, that I always knew deep down really existed!! Through meditation 🧘‍♀️ ,sacred geometry and frequencies I’ve gained great abilities.That I only thought to be fantasy!!! WWG1WGA

    • Bill please send me correspondence I could really use your help ba…… Con…. At….. Or…… Pb…… At…. Gee wiz wally where’s the mail… Dotted comms

  9. Why is your mouth so filled with words that are useless. Just say what you have to say in a normal way. Puzzled by all this trash talk.

  10. What if somehow these people get control again what would stop them from allowing the people who are receiving a life sentence to be pardoned or just allowed to be released? Then the nightmare continues, probably without any guise of humanity, towards those (including ordinary citizens) who are on the side of truth? Payback is a b****.

    • That is happening right now!Fake Obama wants
      to close gitmo,release the prisoners and
      have it appear that it’s Joe’s idea.Can’t
      you see that these dopplegangers are every
      but as evil as the originals.If you execute
      one ,the demon inside doesn’t die-it just
      jumps into another host!They are spirit
      creatures and their intelligence enables
      them to shapeshift,appear as aliens,vril,or
      jump into your body if you have not come to
      accept Jesus as your savior.It explains why
      the name of Jesus terrifies them !

  11. David is a very good man.I believe he has
    had health issues that he doesn’t talk
    about.Don’t sweat the haters,Dave-just keep
    on doing what you’re doing!God bless you for
    helping Megan Walsh.I’ll bet she heard a lot
    of “nos” before she heard your “yes”.

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