Lady Di And JFK Jr. To Testify At Gitmo

Princess Diana and John F. Kennedy faked their deaths in an incredible plan with the help of Donald Trump to take down the Satanic cabal. Now they are coming out of hiding and will testify at the military tribunals this fall. And…Emanuel Blue discusses the Federal Reserve and the illusion of the stimulus. Plus…Dr. James Fetzer on the false flag shootings in Boulder, Colorado and Atlanta, Georgia to push the gun control agenda. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. Gmail is not secure. Google copies everything and uses it who-knows-how or for what. It is a bad idea to put sensitive stuff on an un-secure email especially controlled by those guys. Free end-to-end encrypted email is available on, and paid encrypted email on Will you consider changing to one of them? Reagan is only about $40/year.
    PS: I loved your show about JFK, Jr. and Princess Diana: Wonderful news.
    —–25 March 2021 Thursday

  2. I – am writing this comment on those supposedly alive like Jackson, rush, etc..IF true then some – must have- used advanced healing technology.. one had cancer. I hear they have these healing technology hidden away from humanity. how about the rest of us . many suffer and are close to death like me. I have tinnitus – ringing in the ears/ head 24/7 non- stop. it is really bad now. on top of other issue’s. I pray to god daily. GOD bless all. I – am of the light…

    • I too have heard of the healing med beds. I am close to death and could use a nap in one of those. I hope they allow us peasants to use it

    • Sorry to hear you’re sick. I’ve heard of these healing beds (Medbeds). What I’ve heard though is that they are (we’re recently) using all of them for the children that were trafficked and were living under ground. Apparently they were dying shortly after bringing them above ground. I’ve heard the beds will be available to all of us very soon. Check out he has many videos on his website that speaks to these beds and many other amazing hidden but not new technologies that will be revealed to the world soon. This life is not what we think it is…. God Bless YOU! 🫂

    • I know they are alive, I have seen video of them at a Trump rally. Your show sounds spot on, but what I don’t like is the you show no evidence. From what I know, I could come up with a similar story.

    • For ringing ears… get Helichrysum essential oil and rub it behind your ears. Never in your ears… on the bone behind ears.

      • Never fails…all the crazy trolls complaining about how fake everything is yet, they are all hear watching…they just can’t keep away…baba back to you all. 😂😂🤣🤣😆😆

    • Only the sheeples think like this, brainwashed weak minded, narrow minds will be lead to slaughter. Your a leftwingnuts prize pupil.

  3. Stupid organized stalker’s in the comments proves this is all true. When the mind controlled Devil’s herd starts with their hate, it’s all the proof I need. I live with one, but Jesus Christ makes me stronger than him.

  4. Lawsuits for those pushing the vaccines are coming! Doctor’s are sounding the alarm that they will cause autoimmune conditions. I wouldn’t touch those stocks with a ten foot pole!

  5. David, is it possible to speed up your reports? It is drug out so slow and hard to keep attention. Thanks for Pledge Of Allegiance. Love my GOD. Love my Country. Love my Flag. Pledge says it all!

  6. H! Mr. Zublick,
    I’ve looked at all the sites to send you this mail. I am trying this one thinking this one might reach you. I have paid a full year for my subscription but I cannot oen your page. I would be very grateful if you could arrage to see you site one more time.

  7. I believe it is all true. I’m very Happy that Lady Diana and J.F.K. alive. President D. J. Trump is a Genius. God Bless America. Very good program. Thank You.

  8. I’ve been quickly studying about all our AMAZING global military OPs going down! I applaud the 60-year planners to FINALLY take down the global ‘mafia’! I’ve had pals that told me their 1st-hand knowledge about the dirty CIA (drug runners etc..) & of course, the secretive, dirty Military Industrial Complex that has been skimming our tax money for dark projects. I am *only* one year into my intense studies and hardly know anything. Regardless, HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS! There is TRUTH in what the Dark Outpost is sharing. Yeah, the witness protection program worked for JFKjr, MK, Princess Di, Elvis– and many others. Their testimonies WILL expose massive corruption. Thanks for confirming what I’ve been researching, Dark Outpost. At the end of the day, TRUTH WINS! <3

  9. Don’t u give up! The MedBeds are coming and they heal everything. And I mean everything. Plus 6,000 cures r on the way for us. Praise Jesus. I am also waiting on the MedBeds for healing. I am very injured from JNJ Big Pharma Satanists. Legal killers for hire are what they all are.

  10. I find it hard to believe that Jeffrey
    Epstein is at large,that he was brought to
    DC on Jan.6/21 and escaped from his security
    detail when tshtf.Why is no one else
    reporting this?It should be headline news!

  11. I wish you’d remove this video about Princess Diana and JFK Jr. Maybe l in 100 would believe this. I’m disappointed, because now I don’t know what else isn’t true.

  12. Your dog crying out like that during the video sounds EXACTLY like he/or she is under attack from DEMONS!! ** POOR DOG!! YOU NEED TO PRAY OVER YOUR PETS DAILY FOLKS FOR JESUS CHRIST TO SEND HOLY ANGELS TO PROTECT THEM 24/7!! Demons attack our pets 1st to hurt US-*(GOD’S CHILDREN!!) They CAN & will attack animals because they are easy targets for them to HARM with causing them illnesses, EVEN torturing them physically, and even CAN & TRY hard to possess them as a way to harm YOU!!

  13. If y’all go back n look at Williams wedding Camilla sure was looking at Diana the ghost who was hidden by post but oh they say it’s her Aunt like really.😳😂

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