FBI Destroyed Hunter’s Laptop

The FBI has admitted that it ‘accidentally’ destroyed Hunter Biden’s laptop containing all of the evidence of his crimes plus videos and photos of his sexual exploits including those with the Obama daughters. Plus…Brice Watson of Esoteric Atlanta discusses the Gospel of Q. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. Hope to God all this is true. Don’t know what to believe anymore. I pay you for this shit. This is crazy.

    • Go to gtv snd see naked malia and him…….and be careful children too. Use a hidden search engine like brave

  2. You’re
    Absolutely insane. Either that or you’re a paid operative. The
    Stuff you claim is simply outrageous. Its just stunning how you can take normal daily activity and turn it into a hyperdrive tour of conspiracy after conspiracy. God, Mother Teresa and Fauci? The simple truth is none of what you claim can be proven.

    • Hey Kirby, what you hear here is true, if your mind is sheepled that’s you business but don’t undermined David because the truth is unbearable or crazy to you, fact is the leftestards are far worse than what you have heard this far, the truth is coming when you and all the other brainwashed sheep will get to watch these fucking monsters admitting what they have done to the children and much more. All the sheep will hang your heads in great shame for continuing to believe what’s been going on behind our backs, without an open mind you’ll stay sheepled for life. I suppose you believe Biden won the 2020 election as well!

  3. In addition. I think I figured out why every time you’re commentary is about to go to the absurd you have this reaction like bewilderment. Like you are being fed this stuff in real time, and can’t believe you’re repeating such nonsense. Its evident to me the thought going through your head at that moment is “I can’t believe I’m expected to say this crap, and can anyone watching actually belive it. Just an observation. You should be more serious in your presentation. The stuff your saying involves sinister plots and will lead viewers in to a psychotic episode…..

    • The only crap in this is your closed mind, bet you believe pedo joe won the election in 2020 as well, are you a sheeple if I had to guess I would say yes and a severe one at that, you all will look stupied in the near future for your narrow minded beliefs, it’s all TRUE, when any info David receives is misinformation he has no problem retracting it and correcting it, so instead of trying to belittle him maybe fact check his info, you would not look so ignorant.

  4. Hi Dave , THC in the Marijuana plant kills cancer in its tracks , just thought i would message you with this information as you stated there is no cure for Cancer.
    Kind Regards
    Mike – Highlands of Scotland

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