Elvis Faked His Death

Did Elvis Presley fake his death? Speculation and conspiracies have run rampant since August 16th, 1977 about the fate of the King of Rock ’n Roll. John Carman offers a brilliant analysis into the work Elvis did for the government and what may have led to his decision to fake his own death. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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    • i click on the gear at the bottom and change the speed to 1.25

      if i am awake and fresh, 1.5; haha

    • I am a registered nurse and I worked in Georgia with a lady whose daughter married a guy named Melvin Presley. He was a cousin of Elvis. And he said Elvis was alive because he saw him every year at a family reunions. He gave three reasons for Elvis be still alive. One Lisa Marie had not received her inheritance, no one had heard of Elvis’s girlfriend since his alleged death, and they misspelled his name on his Tombstone and had not changed it. Believe it or not whether it’s true or not no one really knows but it makes for good conversation.

  1. she is stuck on stupid ,she needs mental help I would never admit I did some thing when I didn’t and especially a man who was accused if rape and t0 just shut up and say he did it no way he if he is innocent then that is what he should stick to and I also feel when a woman accuses a man of rape and he is innocent that woman should get jail time for ruining his life what is fair for one is fair for the other

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