Gov. Kemp Daughter’s Boyfriend Assassinated In Fiery, Explosive Wreck

A staffer and close family friend of Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp died in a tragic car wreck Friday morning, hours after the governor called for a signature audit of 2020 election votes.

Local media reported 20-year-old Harrison Deal, an aide to Sen. Kelly Loeffler, former intern to Sen. David Perdue and boyfriend of Kemp’s daughter Lucy, was the only person who died in a fiery three-car wreck on I-16 in Pooler.

See footage of the fiery wreck below:

Witnesses reportedly heard explosions from the crash over a mile away.

Pictures showed Deal’s vehicle was left mangled and scorched.

The cause of the wreck is still being investigated, according to the New York Post:

“The investigation is underway and may take some time,” according to Pooler police spokeswoman Lindsey Heintzman, who initially said Saturday that the investigation could take over a month, without elaborating.

Deal worked as Loeffler’s Athens Regional Field Director.

His untimely death prevented Gov. Kemp from attending Trump rallies on Friday and Saturday.

Trump also expressed condolences for Deal during his rally in Georgia Saturday.

Deal posted a tribute to Gov. Kemp on his Facebook page two days before he died.

Kemp posted this message minutes before Deal’s fatal crash:

Following Deal’s death, many on social media questioned whether there could be a dark motive behind the wreck.

Deal’s death came mere hours after Kemp again called on the Georgia Secretary of State to conduct a signature audit of the state’s ballots.

However, the Washington Post reported via an anonymous source Saturday that Trump called Kemp that morning urging him to convene a special legislative session to demand an audit of signatures, which the governor allegedly refused.

Could Deal’s explosive wreck have been a mere tragic coincidence, or a timely threat from the Deep State?



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    • Kemp tweet 40 minutes previous “Foot off the gas”, ” Save lives”? Hmmm. Sounds more like: “Hey, I’m being squeezed to the max”! “This is my display of offering/loyality” “I/We need some serious help right now or we are going to hang”. My suggestion Gov. Kemp: Assuredly you’re access to cyniade; you should immediately procure some & keep it readily accessible. Q. Sent me. WWG1WGA!

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