Barr At Gitmo Charged With Treason

Dark Outpost has learned exclusively that William Barr, who served as United States Attorney General under President Donald Trump, and who resigned under fire after a tumultuous tenure in which he failed to prosecute deep state actors attempting a coup against Trump has been indicted. He was arrested on December 15th,2020 and is being held as an enemy combatant at Gitmo. Airman Jim discusses PTSD and our government using UFOs to bring in the new world order. And Ryushin SDean Malone returns to further discuss the cover-up of the Orion Lines. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. I wish if true this would come out to the public so many of us want to see justice done to these evil cronies !

    • The media is so corrupt they wouldn’t report it anyway……so the military will video all of the confessions and once the corrupt media is taken down all confessions will be aired.

    • Susan : eres incredula y boba. No te has puesto a pensar lo que cuesta enjuiciar a estos delincuentes del Estado Profundo? No seas ingenua

  2. Thank you David, awaken and praying. Live on Rumble, great except I cannot cast podcast to my TV. Learning a lot from you.

  3. I do think that the deep state changed or added many historical facts to fit their history narratives. The have infiltrated Science, Literature, Music, Math and History.However when used Stacy Abrams as an example , Abrams is part of the DEEP STATE so if she aligned her self with Abrams then there is nothing more to day about Day.

  4. I hope they release the confessions and the executions for us to see. As long as these people have sat back and screwed us, we deserve to watch them DIE a painful death!!!!

    • They will, unfortunately it’s been pushed back, bidens inauguration was going to be the nite they were going to be arrested on national tv, but someone leaked about it and the leftest satanist did a virtual one, the backstabbers trump had to deal with was unbelieveable our great president that did more for America than all the other pos did in history has had almost 30 attempts to assignatie him, the tenticles of satanist followers were deeper than anyone could imagine that includes all but a few rep senators, it’s been sad to watch the f ing evil bastards secret lives being exposed, but what they have done to trump should be an automatic execution of them all. This is why it was so hard to get shit passed for trump, God will deal with the lowlife scumbags, he promised us and God keeps promises. God bless trump and America.

    • Some people believe this content ,some don’t! A person doesn’t need to have a PhD in order to understand the msm is s crock Oct dog foo!bullshit or truths? Our comment are a year apart, so is this real or a crock of bullshit? Only time will tell!

  5. anyone who supports the lethal injections, alias ‘vax’, including Trump, is a traitor, who cares if he comes back to preside over 100 million + murdered by spike protein genetic bio-warfare and with mind-control nanotech, may WW3 starts any day, probably the economy will crash soon… fk Q

    • Yes this is important point he is still pushing vaxx still trying to take credit for operation warpspeed I ASKED THIS all the way along it never made sense still waiting to understand the whole truth but vaxx is death for sure

      • My believe is the deaths from vaccination is also part of the movie for the deep state ,to get as many for treasonous acts as possible to arrest or indictments for these evil parasites

  6. I’m getting suspicious we’re being scammed? David’s “sources” haven’t gotten anything right yet. Two weeks ago, David said Hillary was to be executed yesterday, today he contends she was executed in 2018? He’s also been incrementally moving the goal posts on Donald Trump’s return to office? First, it was January, then March, then July 4th, and now August? Lots of predictions, no follow up explanations?

    • I’m waiting along with all of you waiting to see if and when it happens! God bless the Patriots!

    • there are multiple hillarys dude…the real one was killed in a far away gitmo camp on the date dave gave ..they are going to put down all the clones and doubles of hillary also……its very complicated shit …this is why it takes so long……all these people have many imposters/clones acting on thier behalf bill gates ..gates and his husband were killed in 2013 …but they have imposters kept in place by deepstae to keep thier money supply continuing in the things the crooks want to have done ….dave knows exactly what he is saying

  7. You think Barr and others are the criminals? If so, you are so sick and have been brainwashed.

  8. Hope you keep giving out all this information about is going on behind the scenes and hope people will see the light of the corruption that has been going on in all these underground bases and all over the world of the deep state, corrupt politicians, Satanic activities, that has been hidden from all Americans for years. I have told people some stuff about what is going on behind scenes a little bit and don’t think they believe what is going on. Hope with the help of God and Jesus Christ as are personal Saviour will show us the light from him to show us the things which have been kept from us for many years, and God Bless and keep all the military and all American patriots be guided with safety from above. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP, WHERE WE GO ONE WE GO ALL, GOD BLESS AMERICA, HOLD THE LINE, Than you Michael David Brann a American Patriot

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