JFK Did Not Die In Dallas!

Christi Reeves Tasker and Meghan Walsh discussed the alleged JFK assassination on the 59th anniversary of the event. Boyd Anderson presented more evidence of the cover-up of Malaysia Flight 370. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. re.: “JFK Did Not Die In Dallas”

    Yes he did. Eric Jon Phelps author of the book, “Vatican Assassins” (expensive book, but worth every penny) has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the limousine driver a man by the name, Greer, as seen in the altered Zapruder film turned as the car was slowing down and pulled out a large specially made, according to Phelps, by the C.I.A. short, stout pistol which had the resemblance to a child’s water pistol toy, … and hit him direct point blank. Jesuit Style. Swiss researcher and historian Jan Van Helsing acquired an unedited version of the Zapruder film which shows the driver with the assassination weapon. Eric narrates a video, which shows the unedited portion and this unusual looking pistol.

    Dr. Robert McClelland, the attending ER physician at Parkland Hospital witnessed, while his body was being examined, a remaining section of the President’s brain fall-out of his skull onto the medical gurney! In his “last testimonial” before his own death, Dr. McClelland stated the President was fully brain dead at Parkland, with some lingering autonomic functions which ended shortly thereafter. DEAD IN DALLAS!

    Watch the interview for yourself: “Dr. Robert McClelland UNCUT interview”. He also proved that his initial observation of the President’s body showed, no doubt in his mind, that the President was hit from the front, dispelling the myth of a single gunman “{magic bullet theory”.

    • Here is more info on the same topic:
      Compiled research from multiple sources reveals
      the same information, but not info on the weapon itself.

      Emergency room physician says the President was alive for
      one hour after the shooting.
      The fatal would was from the front, at close range,
      with a high powered handgun.

      President also received another wound from the front,
      with a small caliber, low velocity projectile to
      the throat.

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