Confirmed: Epstein Alive!

Janice McAfee joined us to continue her conversation about her life as a former prostitute and her marriage to John McAfee. John Carman, Alexander and the Colonel gave an update on the Russia-Ukraine war and provided confirmation that the missile launched into Poland came from Ukraine and not Russia. They also revealed that biolabs funded by the United States government have been targeted by Russian forces and that the labs are producing dangerous biological weapons that are killing innocent Ukrainian citizens.  Christi Reeves Tasker, and Meghan Walsh and Meghan Walsh provided an update on Meghan’s battle with her father John Walsh over custody of her children. Tasker also revealed through an exclusive source that Jeffrey Epstein is alive. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. Before It’s News (BIN)

    “Situation Update: Get In Patriot! We’re Saving America! SCOTUS Case On Voter Fraud! Biden/Congress To Be Removed! Martial Law! Pelosi’s Greatest Hits! – We The People News”


    Geneva Tunnel

    According to this alternative site, there is a massive D.U.M.B. under Lake Geneva, Switzerland which is the Headquarters of the C.I.A.! REALLY ?!!

    Why now..we are getting somewhere-FAST! It is no secret to this world that the Swiss and their sovereign government is and has been the center of world banking for CENTURIES! The Swiss at the time of the Roman Centurions were bankers and the city of Zurich was an ancient Roman Trading center. Nothing new. The Swiss are the “Old Money”, of this world and as hard as it is for some to believe, completely independent and older than that possessed by the Rothschild, Rockefeller, Carnegie Families etc..

    The Swiss bankers and their many centuries treasure of national gold reserves is the bedrock of their service economy, making the Swiss Franc one of the most reliable and stable currencies in the world!

    We are to believe that the CERN (again the CERN) research investiture is a diversion and distraction to create a vast tunnel system to Genoa, Italy? WRONG! Why?

    The scientific knowledge gained at this esteemed scientific institute is a threat to the Cabal and the MIC! They are afraid that the secrets of free energy, and revealed knowledge of the universe may make a certain Alpine civilization world powerful. They are already world powerful! They are, and always have been, a nation of capitalists. They allow other nation’s tourists to come and go and spend money and utilize their service economy.

    The CERN or Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and Institute as most uninformed conflate, is the world’s largest atomic particle physics laboratory. The energy wave that is kicked-out when this behemoth is activated… is ENORMOUS. It would render all of the secret “Get Smart” gadgets of Don Adams, and all of his slamming reinforced doors notwithstanding… USELESS under lake Geneva.

    As far as Mr. Klaus Schwab is concerned, we are to believe that an engineer through education, has since 1971 gained the trust of the world’s elite and he is heading up the master plan to take over the world..!? Sorry James Bond writers! He seems like a comic stooge, who may have infiltrated and at least with partial success misdirected the plans of the globalist cabal. Could it be the fumbling, bumping Mr. Schwab ordered FULL SPEED AHEAD on 2030 world government plan to derail it?..knowing that the project was only “half baked”? Remember, from my perspective and that of many writers and researchers, it is the plan of the resurgent Roman Empire and its super secret Jesuits who are the the evil spirit, impetus and energy, and money behind their world-wide chaos and disruption.

    Would it be better if the World Economic Forum were held in secret in a D.U.M.B. in Dulce, New Mexico or relatively… out in the open high atop a beautiful–yes breathtakingly beautiful Alpine resort? The latter is desirable of course so everyone else, INCLUDING THE SWISS GOVERNMENT, can keep an eye on them.

    The Swiss and their service economy have always played host to the elite of the world for centuries. Nothing new. The “You Will Own Nothing and Be Happy” propaganda is not going to fly in Switzerland, because the Swiss and their service economy is thoughtfully capitalistic, not communistic. The Swiss are not going to hand-over their wealth and service economy to a clumsy, jowly old German man! Not going to happen.

    The Swiss know only too well the history of the Roman Catholic Church and its designs. Should the Roman Catholic Jesuits succeed in taking over everything, it would mean an invasion of ancient Helvetia. I’m sure the Swiss can defend their country.

    Bring ‘Em On!

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