Red Wave Turned Into A Drizzle

Ann Latour talked about sex trafficking and mind control.  Dr. James Fetzer said the so-xalled red wavew turned out to be nothing more than a drizzle because of another election steal. Chris Schlager discussed psychics. Cassiopeia and Brittany Daddino say their lives are in danger as they continue their mission to save trafficked children. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. I sense that the “faith” many have had in the alternative sites regarding the reporting of entrenched, and undeniable corruption in the United States, especially concerning the media and elections; and the so called watchful but restrained and empowered “white hats” and the STICK WITH THE PLAN “Q” MENTALITY …. is fast waning. GOOD!

    Many may now be thinking that these sites have brought forth a false narrative that some well conceived and benevolent force is ready to hatch a panacea for out emotional rescue. Clark Kent is ready to transform himself into Superman and save the day for everyone. Right? This is America, so everything is perfect and someone will have the answer, right? Good Old America–BACK on TRACK! Right? At that point the sleepwalkers may realize that something is wrong and the group dynamic that may occur as each American views the mirror image staring back at himself could be a collective but also personal realization that each one of us is maybe part of the problem, and not the answer.

    The so called “Red Wave” is actually a brilliant calculated myth. It is suggests that the lack of involvement by Americans and distracted insouciance is the veil that keeps Americans from seeing the truth about themselves. The truth is Americans have within themselves the answers to ALL OF THEIR PROBLEMS, if only they could look the problem squarely in the eye and take responsibility, and control!

  2. The problem with Republicans is that they have become a bunch of pushovers! Democrats in their brazen arrogance confidence could not care less if they break the law, or are video taped in the hot act of major crime.

    Hillary Clinton summed it up when she was asked if she had “wiped her server” scoffed and said, “What with a cloth…. nothing is going to happen..” BRAZEN.

    Republicans seem obsessed with showing the world something… “see how bad they are…” “we’ve got it all.” And then what? Documenting all of the nasty details and crime in action for what purpose? So God can rewind the tape and say..”naughty naughty Democrats!”

    All the while the Democrats and their Roman Catholic Jesuit Masters laugh their asses off…not worried in the least … saying to themselves with Satanic Glee… “GOD?…what God?…THERE IS NO GOD ..ONLY ALIENS!”

  3. Failure to act in a legal manner in terms of arrest or other injunctive manner when CLEAR WRONG DOING has taken place is also a crime! Knowing that wrong doing has taken place without taking responsive action to stop illegal activity is NEGLIGENCE. Knowing that Hillary Clinton wiped her server and stole 33,000 classified documents whilst at Department of State is USELESS ….unless legal action is taken to punish the crime. Reporting this OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER again has the effect of being propaganda! …. Oh well not a damn thing can be done is the message being pushed down our throats!

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