Gavin Newsom, Pfizer CEO Arrested!

In two separate but important breaking news stories, Dark Outpost has learned that both Governor Gavin Newsom of California and the CEO of Pfizer Albert Bourla have been arrested and are being detained. A child porn dungeon has been discovered in Newsom’s basement. John Carman joins us to discuss these events. Cirsten W. will also be here with valuable intel. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. GREAT STORY…Dave.
    I just wish it were TRUE.
    Since the matter of Hillary Clinton being *executed* at GITMO…
    As was reported by YOU…and, your “sources”…
    We, the viewing public…
    don’t know WHAT to believe regarding your “NEWS” STORIES.
    Most of it turns out to be BULLS**T.
    I hope your NEWS about Newsom is correct.
    He is a real *PIECE OF S**T.

    • Prove that the info is false. New York Nadia just posted a video about who owns all of the networks. It’s astounding that it’s all owned by white men claiming Jewish names. I believe they are not Jewish bloodline at all but using Jewish names as part of this elaborate hoax perpetrated against all of mankind. I absolutely believe these people are being rounded up and executed. We are at war and It’s horrifying that majority of Americans have no clue what is happening. All tv, newspapers, magazines and internet are owned by one evil group of criminals. You have to search alternative sites, blogs, read or view witness testimonies to learn th3 truth. If you find a site bashing someone like Robert Kennedy you can be sure RK is telling the truth and the basher or cancel culture attacker is a paid and trained cia operative or mk ultrad victim. Do you know how many good and decent Americans have been murdered for telling the truth? It’s so disgusting to me that Americans are asleep and refuse to research or question a story that seems odd. Why would people be murdered for telling the truth or a different side? It’s like the vaccine. No one cared if you had the flu shot but now the unvaccinated are responsible for those who are vaccinated and now dropping dead. There is no common sense or logic and many have no clue they have been programmed by our government and big pharma who have used us all as slaves and cash cows keeping us hooked on toxic pills and drugs that never cure you! Keep up the great work Dave! I appreciate your research!

      • Dave is part of the Deep State acting as an imposter of truth. Don’t believe his lies. He’s working for the enemy trying to distract us from the real issues at hand.

  2. I believe that there gone than still breathing , your never will here it on main stream media. They just now anounced that he had family obligaytions . Green screen maybe but his missing is something is going down . He is and will have a tribunal

  3. The mainstream media is publishing that Newsom was at a wedding. I don’t believe them.
    I joined the Other Insiders last night, but I’m being charged $2.99 per mile month?

  4. I suspect, at this point, if the MSM tells you one thing, you can rest assured that the opposite is true. And if something is left out from an article they use as a source, it is probably true as well. But, patience is really a virtue. At some point, the truth will come out.

  5. I believe that Newsom is already at GITMO waiting to stand before the court. He will end in the noose. But I want to be SURE that this CEO of Pfizer is really in custody because he deserves it very much. I hope his breath will be “shorten” soon too.

  6. Most of what David Zublick has posted has proven false over the years –like Obama and George W. Bush being tried at Gitmo, LoL. I think Zublic may very well be a CIA controlled opposition media plant whose intent is to discredit the truth movement by mixing ridiculously false narratives with other stories (like Epstein) in order to ‘poison the well’ so no one will ever take legitimate corruption seriously.

    • Both Bushs, the Obamas, and the Clintons, have all been found guilty of Treason for their hand in 9/11, and have all been executed at GITMO. They will be announcing the details soon.

  7. I find it interesting how the governors of our two largest communist run states have now been picked up and are being detained at Gitmo.

  8. Dave is part of the Deep State acting as an imposter of truth. Don’t believe his lies. He’s working for the enemy trying to distract us from the real issues at hand.

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