Meghan Walsh: “My Father Is A Monster!”

John Walsh is known to America as an anti-crime activist and host/creator of the television series America’s Most Wanted. Following the murder of his son Adam, he became an alleged crusader for justice. However, his daughter Meghan Walsh has a far different image of her father; one that has left her with the scars of mental and physical abuse, the loss of her children, her home, and an attempt to destroy her life through narcissistic brainwashing. In this special edition of our program, you’ll hear her story in her own words, as she cries out for help from a public whom Walsh has deceived for 40 years. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. George Vukelich was a great American and author from Wisconsin. He was a real “mans man”. There was never any doubt about if this rock of a man who spent a lot of his life in the Wisconsin north woods, put his pants on one leg at a time, or not. He loved life, and loved others, and shared his experiences with as many as he knew.

    He spent a lot of his life telling stories, but there was much deep philosophy and understanding of the human condition in his writing. I think he was probably the first to outline in real tangible terms the difference in psychological make-up between the genders MAN and WOMAN.

    Okay the FACTS OF LIFE lesson for today.

    The communists have been successful in ripping this country apart from within. They have created the most exquisite gender war known to mankind. A schism has taken place here in the United States, and few are wise enough to see it, or have the ability to understand it. Those who see it may be too timid or frightened to accept that the upheaval-ling of the United States took place on the back of the gender war, and of course the many decades of the feminist and Women’s Movement.

    Instantly, there are many who will turn-away noting that I am a man, will assume that my comments and opinions are those of a male chauvinist pig, and will naturally not accept anything I have to say. Fine. It is still a free country. Keep in mind that I owe you nothing!

    Early on for at least the past 50 years, a conditioning has taken place. A conditioning that states that woman do not need men. Women are better in many way, after all they eat less food, and they can even create children.

    Yes, of course, children. The rearing of children is the most important and most difficult job anyone can have. Women have abdicated that role which has been the pillar and cornerstone of this and any society. With that vacating, the decline and inevitable and irreversible change has occurred.

    The bottom line is this. Men have become weak. Weak in their mind, weak in their spirit, weak in their ability to lead, weak in a physical sense, and have become weak in a manly sense. What is the saying? Behind every great man is a great woman.

    Lie Number One:
    Men and women are equal and as such men and women should be thought of as more or less the same. I ask anyone with a reasoning mind, is an apple and a pear equal? Seriously! No they are similar, but quite different. The obvious truth is, even in the face of genetic signatures showing that the genders are completely DIFFERENT, we must assume that a man and a woman are equal.

    When one says that the genders are EQUAL, it is much easier and a short step to say that men and women are the SAME! That is were we are now friends. One gender thinking.

    Lie Number Two:
    Women have been conditioned into nontraditional thinking, and because of the fact that women have been brainwashed institutionally into believing that any task that a man can do a woman can do, then it follows that women are JUST AS SMART AS MEN and THINK JUST LIKE MEN, right? This is a false assumption, because the thinking process of different genders are no more equal that the genetics of a man or women. Yes, the thinking processes of women and women are different, but the communists have been successful in getting the public at large to assume that the ways a woman processes information or draws conclusions is more desirable. Men after all are competitive and aggressive which is not desirable. This, false teaching, is to the determent of young children, especially boys who are developing in far different ways that the young girls they call friends and classmates.

    What we have is indoctrination and brainwashing to get young boys to begin a process of accepting thought schemas or pattern modeled after what young girls would typically exhibit. Boys are being raised to be girls!

    This works because the male mind can adapt to assumptive thinking. The female mind is not as prone to this plasticity or adaptability of reasoning or thinking ability.

    Boys can be taught to think like girls, however, girls CAN NOT be taught to think like classical American men because they have been conditioned to be un-accepting of traditional male roles as part of normal society. The minds of girls have been corrupted and now are tending not to accept men for who they are. Women are being encouraged to take-on non-traditional female roles as a perverse corruption just because the agenda says that it must be right. Boys are being discouraged from pursuing traditional male roles, because that is anathema to the agenda.

    Over thousands of years the differences in the thinking patters of men and women have developed as a matter of the environment. Just as our mythological concepts of light being “good” and darkness being “bad”, the thinking processes of the genders adapted because of the circadian rhythm or day and night cycle.

    Thousands of years ago, The Flinstones lived in caves. Oh no, really?
    There was very little that was known, and very few things that caveman and cave woman could ASSUME on a consistent basis. The world was wild and full of dangers. If you wished to stay alive, you could not assume too much about the day-to-day matters of life. You thanked God for the return of the Sun, and the darkness receded. The Flintstones had light, and warmth, and they could see into the vast wilderness.

    The man who was a hunter gatherer performed the role of protector, and soldier. He hunted each day for food, and kept the home stone cave warm with a burning fire. The world was a wild place, and just because things seemed safe yesterday, caveman was wise and knew that a pterodactyl or T-Rex might be right around the corner. He had to be on guard. Even though the world was very unsafe it was not boring. He realized that he could NOT ASSUME ANYTHING, if he wished to stay alive.

    Cavewoman, whose job it was to rear caveman’s children had a very simple life. Never venturing out of the cave, meant that nearly every square inch of the cavern was known. As a form of self preservation against boredom and insanity, the woman developed a protective ASSUMPTIVE THINKING. There was no need to think about anything being different, because the environment never changed. No need to develop dreaming and creative thinking because everything in her world was KNOWN. It became necessary for woman to make assumptions about her environment. The evolutionary process created within women an assumptive thinking process which draws conclusions very quickly. The advantage of this type of thinking is that a conclusion can be rapidly drawn and many times correctly if all of the assumptions are known.

    Poor caveman is stuck with a slow brain because he has to think about even the simplest things. Women like a lightening bolt draw the conclusion instantly, if the assumptions are known. Women must feel safe and have a sense of security, otherwise the thinking process for women breaks down. Sadly, however, women have developed over time the feeling of being “trapped” by the man, and thus have blamed men for an environment they innately feel is a prison. Women are not free, because men are holding them down. This primordial female impulse was tapped into by the communists in their quest to re-define gender roles and start a gender war.

    We live in a world now, created by men, for the safety and enjoyment of women. Women are safer than ever, and their thinking processes are faster than ever.

    The slight hesitation of men, is falsely assumed by women to be indecision or lack of strength. The reality is the evolved male mind MUST THINK before acting. Women see this and ask of the man, “What are you afraid of?”

    The communists are creating a Wild World of Assumption. Act and do, like a reptilian, no need to really think much anymore.

    Give men a break! You are destroying yourselves, and do not even know it.

    • Kevin, my old Devil friend.

      Well when the crunch comes and you are asked to think for yourself-on your feet you may wonder what happened to poor Kevin. For me, concerning that poor issue I could not care less.

      You are not much in truth. You are about 7 pounds more or less or minerals and chemicals that are millions of years old and water. That’s all that you are. Humiliated yet?

  2. Is Megan in hiding? Coming out with this is really dangerous. I’m worried about her because I can see her getting Clinton suicide. Pray she’s safe and has some security.

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