Dark Outpost LIVE 10.11.2022 Shock Report: King Charles On Deathbed!

Alan Fountain discussed his experiences as a victim of pedophilia. Kerry Cassidy is upset with SGAnon for saying he would reveal evidence that the United States Supreme Court is canceling the midterm elections and then not following through.  Dr. Michael Fredrick presented information on how to spot a victim of child sex trafficking. Mike Gill exposed political corruption. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. Hi David and Penny, I think Tulsi Gabbard may be a Trojan Horse! Also, As far as I know she is not pro-life! Let’s not get led astray by her good looks!!!

    • I totally agree Mr. Phillips! Unless she changes, she has always been pro abortion! Many wish to dismiss the killing of our babies as not important, but I feel it is the most important issue with which to base your opinions on a political person. She cannot be considered a conservative with this platform! We all know that most of the Republicans are RINOS.

  2. I have not had a good feeling about Gabbard at all. I do not trust her honesty or sincerity. Why did’nt she speak up long before this. Not trust

  3. KCIII on deathbed?

    Well now as “The Church Lady” would say on SNL —“How Convenient!”

    Liz Truss U.K. Prime Minister has just announced her resignation after just six (6) weeks! Strange coincidences. Clearly someone, or some ORDER wants these players out of the way for some reason. Jesuits need someone they can control and bring Britain under the power and control of Vicar of Christ of the Roman Catholic Church! UBETCHA!

    Ghislaine Maxwell has stated that the picture of Prince Andrew and the teenage girl associated with Jeffrey Epstein was faked. Once a liar always a liar? She is working a deal with whom, and for what reason?

    Hell why not make a case of it, and observe the spectacle as Andrew makes claim of Kingship upon the death of Charles!! That would really sex things up over there!!!!

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