The Man Who Detained Hinckley

The Secret Service Agent who detained John Hinckley, Jr. weighs in on his impending release. Chris Wilson has blockbuster news on the Kennedy assassination. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. David you make me sick peddling porn for money.
    John quit begging for money and using your past to try to make your future. Write a decent book and get out of your own way
    Standing in front of hinkle like he some damn trophy that your going to put on the rack.
    Hinkle is a human being and forced by the CIA to take out our President.
    You guys make me sick. Please get on the right side of Jesus Christ’s army. I want a refund

  2. NEWS FLASH–Truth by Billie Beene

    The Texas Belle has revealed on her show that Rush Limbaugh is in witness protection program and is Jim Morrison of the Doors!

    Wow, Rush is the “Lizard King”!

    Sure why not. If Satanism can turn an American hero and Olympic champion into a person who traded his cleats for petites; and if D.S. dark cult can turn a college football player into the FLOTUS (First Lola Of The United States) I can see RUSH: America’s Anchorman in a previous life being the bushy haired lankmaster-sex symbol of the 1960’s.

    I believe–NOT.

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