Gotcha! Biden Caught On Hollywood Set

The Fake Biden presidency has now been fully exposed with absolute proof that this regime does not occupy the White House. It’s all theatre. Blue smoke and mirrors. We Have the proof. Collin Plume on investing in precious metals. Michelle Stefanick continues her exposé into 911, Benghazi and the African Embassy bombing. Plus your phone calls. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. The literal definition of: GOVERNMENT is the CONTROL of the MIND (ment) of the people. I think we are find-out that it MAY, although rarely have something to do with justice, or fairness or even the appearance of GOODWILL and service to the public. Often times not. These appearances are a means only to an end goal for malevolent political regimes. These classically proclaimed political agendas preaching social justice it would seem are clearly elucidated and illustrated these days as the real hogwash we now know they are.

    To quote the late Minnesota Vikings head football coach:
    “They are who we thought they were!” True colors

    I think we will accept this, for awhile, if the so called: “White Hats” are staging things for the good. If not, we are seeing one deep state replace another.

  2. Very hard to find the videos on this website they are all over the place and it just leads you around in a circle

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