Biden Clone Blows Cover!

One of many Joe Biden body doubles and clones accidentally suffered a brain freeze during a White House Oval Office replica meeting with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. John Carman will discuss this and other issues. Chris Wilson divulges the blood line of the Illuminati. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at e Dark Outpost!

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  1. Cirstin brought up part of when she was mentioned by John and she was really impressed about what he said about her and was happy to hear it but didn’t know who the man’s name was.

  2. A person who I know is a managing director of a very large Ford Automobile Dealership here in good ‘ole Wisconsin. A sign of the times…no new vehicles except for early special order and special delivery of Ford vehicles. The Scuttlebut intel. is that Ford can not get the micro-processor chips needed to complete the vehicles. All from China!

    Maybe David can see them with binoculars pilled-up from where he sits in Michigan. A “Pure Michigan”–Wolverine huddled mass if you will.

    Latest is, that the talk of missing chips maybe partially incorrect, and that they may be holding at least a percentage of these vehicles for some reason…..
    …Holding them from… whom? From nasty Ohio State fans being extorted at 3X sticker price-MSRP?

    Is it possible that Canadians, Chinese, Mexican or U.N. INVADING forces are liking these shiny new models; and of course, will need regular inconspicuous vehicles to complete their take-over! Lovely…Ford vehicles, made ready for swift completion, with special order and direct pick-up right there in Michigan!

    I said inconspicuous, so no need for head turning BMW, Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

    The Chinese will gladly bring the chips with them!

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