Holocaust: Vaccine Victims Buried In Mass Graves!

It’s fairly obvious that FEMA is planning for mass deaths, and that this planning has been under way for many years. Thus, there already exists an infrastructure to cause millions of dead bodies to vanish into coffins and mass graves, all under the watchful eye of the US government which is waging biological warfare against the American people. John Carman will weigh in. Chris Wilson discusses the true life of Christ. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. I find it fascinating the the Vikings are the founders of ancient Russia, with people know as: RUS. Words such as YORK, KING, and KIEV are directly traceable as Viking language words!

    Khazaria was the land including parts of Russia and Ukraine, and no doubt the words: TZAR or CZAR (meaning overlord or king) must be related to, if not directly Viking words. Is the ancient Viking influence in the Middle East more significant than is currently understood?

    If it is true, as some theories suggest, then there is a difference between those who were or identified as Hebrew (ancient Celtic Druid priesthood)and the Jews who may be related to Khazaria. Furthermore, this suggests a relationship with the much talked about Khazarian Mafia. If so, the term: GOYIM, which Mr. Carmen was referring to, could be related to, if not more directly connected to the Viking term: SKRAELING.

    GOYIN-SKRAELING-DEPLORABLE are words whose meaning suggest pejorative connotations. These are negative and disparaging terms against entire groups of persons, ethnic groups, or entire nations of people! Words which may be used to describe the “lower people”. In German, the term, “Untermenschen” is similar.

    Would it not be fascinating if some aspects of ancient mystery religion and including repugnant ceremonial rituals of human sacrifice and BAAL worship were connected to the ancient Vikings from Khazaria! Could some references of Jews referred to in the Bible be the wandering Vikings!

    According to Jordan Maxwell, large portions of the Bible may have been made-up out of whole cloth, mistranslated or omitted from original texts in more recent times by the Knights Templars; as a means to assist and direct the Empirical designs of Rome. According to Maxwell, later this was the case in the British System, with Lord Bacon (Wm. Shakespeare), who is the author of the King James Bible! Could this have been an “Empire Control Manual” for those who know the encoded messages of the Bible place there by the secret society members?

    According to Maxwell the Jews were “made-up story” as proof of antecedent origin and proof of validity of Christianity. He says that Christianity, in fact came BEFORE Judiasm. This is a true statement of his scholarship.

    An illiterate and unaware World population of the first century AD would not know the difference BETWEEN the people of Babylon, or the people of Rome with their sailing ships, who arrived in America long, long ago with guidance or still older maps, then from the haughty Vikings with their long backward row boats and more crude and barbaric ways as having been “credited” with the discovery of America. The Vikings seem anachronistic, and isolated, seemingly unaware, and content to roam the oceans in row boats, because they did not know any better! Yes, these are the Supreme People of the World, says Mr. Heyerdahl. The Vikings were the “chosen people”, of course in their narrow awareness and interpretation of the World, and their God, no doubt Supreme God of the North!

    GOYIN-SKRAELING-DEPLORABLES all seem like word symbols of the same negative, pedantic and destructive energy thrust. Could it be that Hillary was Viking Battle-Axe in a previous life and not know it?

    • VI-RUS


      Spell COVID backwards: DIVOC

      Look-up DIVOC and see what you find on the internet. Scary.

      • If you were in a long row boat in the middle of the Black Sea heading South from Kiev toward the Middle East during a perfectly calm night with large full Moon and full canopy of stars fully illuminating the heavens; without a breath of wind and in perfect darkness, with no horizons in site, nor any Skraeling to rape, murder, or cannibalize–behold a perfect reflection in the limpid pool below.

        “As it is Above, So It is Below”

  2. Let’s do a quick survey shall we of the major Nordic counties with respect to each country’s COVID-19 policy. While some countries in Europe and U.K. like Jolly ‘Ole have, and sill are implementing egregious illegal policies which are gross violations of civil rights and basic dignity, Keep a Stiff Upper Lip! A different situation existed BEFORE and a present in major Nordics.

    Are they SMARTER (?) or tougher or just lucky so implemented strategies which were albeit somewhat different from each country, however, seem like a “slap on wrist” in comparison to what is occurring RIGHT NOW in other places such as Australia. Smarter–Norway?

    I want to know HOW the major Nordic countries KNEW that the COVID-19 SCAN-DEMIC or sorry SCAM-DEMIC was all a RUS(E). Sweden’s cozy relationship with China seems to be a clue. Is it the case that the Chi-Com Volvo industries (Sorry Sweden–you lost all of your industry to China)…was then and is at present, in operation making only XC-70 cars? What else besides huge “Caterpilllar-tractor-like” equipment? Why NOW…. (head scratch) Tanks?, armored vehicles?, and supply equipment? If these Chinese industrial plants are not already making military equipment for the INVASION of Europe, they likely will be some time soon!


    Sell out to China with major industrial manufacturer Volvo.
    Disco dancing to ABBA just as before without skipping a beat!


    No significant or egregious violations. The appearance of compliance with World-wide COVID-19 protocols. No anarchistic thugs like B.L.M. or Antifa (oh God NO) No cities burning or organized riots. No disgrace like Kenosha, Wisconisn in Denmark. According to the German Perry Mason, Attorney Reiner Fuellmich, Denmark is ready to formally declare COVID-19 a mirage, and take steps to formally discredit and discontinue the genocide vaccine. Thank GOD for them, just in time. Something drastically wrong in the World of Denmark!


    Has officially ENDED all emergency procedures. Back to rubber fish, and Nordic potato taco eating!

    A UNISON of policy against the COVID-19 disaster by the Nordic countries. JUST IN TIME. Hurray for them, I guess. What about the rest of the World?

    • NORGE Repairman will definitely show his disgrace when he is forced to work on Chi-Com tanks at the point of a barrel!

    • According to the learned Jordan Maxwell, a fascinating man and beyond wise in the ways of this occulted world, remarks that the current events media industry with famous brands, CBS, NBC, CBS, etc.. are the NEWS media. I have learned much from his lectures and publications.

      It is referred to as the NEWS media because the industry does a wide Scan of the current events of the territory or nation of all “important” events that are occurring from:
      So, its based on geography, with the NORTH and EAST having priority and “front page” of what is happening. Why not call the current event industry: “WESN” or the events from the west, east, south, and north? It is because the New YORK of the American NORTH is the base of this industry and as such has priority or “front page”.

      The book by Talbot: “The Saturn Myth” details the significance of the North and the celestial lord (Saturn-El) at the exact center or Polaris in ancient times.

      • The NEWS is in -YouTube


        Wow everything is going quantum. Max Planck has struck again!
        Place your Schroedinger’s Cat in the box of your choice, then HOCUS POCUS and PRESTO you’ve got gold. Better than Mattel!

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