Elissssabeth Is Dead!

Monica B. returns with more intel on her Satanically controlled super soldier husband. Rachel Milligan on mind control and implants. Jesse Hal and Angeleen Joy of The Missing Link. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. I love this channel. But you are wrong about some things. Diana was NO angel and she was groomed for this role by her family (grandmother) for sure. The Firm did not allow ‘true’ love to be followed. The firm needed some fresh ‘blood’ strength to keep the reptilian nature of royals in control. Diana was a Male to Female\Transgender as are MOST of the royal families of Europe. It is the manner of the Cabal called Inversion. Diana did not ‘birth’ those two boys. Impossible for a Male to female Transgender. None of this is said to place shade on Diana, she was part of a Cabal system as a baby/young child………..even as Charles, Elizabeth II and the rest of the Royals. They had nothing to do with their ‘path’ that was pre-destined for them by Cabal. From what I understand, none or most of the women in royal families are genetically born females. Look at Duchess Catherine as an example. That physical body has never carried and given birth to 3 children. Anatomically, she has a classic male body. This is not a clamp lown on Duchess Catherine. She had NO control in this inversion that happeded to her as a CABAL PLAN from her birth with acceptnce from her parents who are Cabal persons. It is all so sad so we must remember these folks started out at birth damaged with their lives planned from birth and even before. EVIL, EVIL, EVIL.

  2. Should there be a televised coronation of King Charles III, there are important things to watch and of which to take note. A conferral of title such as monarch or king one would believe happens officially after coronation, however many outlets are now referring to Charles as King Charles III. Some have stated that QEII had passed perhaps two (2) years ago. David here at Dark Outpost even has posted that Family including Charles and QEII have been executed! Whatever, the game must go on..and so it is, and does.

    Why should I as a Swiss-German American man from Wisconsin wonder or much less care about a coronation of a British King. After all, America is not part of the British Commonwealth of nations, so what is the big deal?

    According to the late great and very learned Jordan Maxwell, the coronation of British King DOES have significant effect and influence everywhere. The British Empire is really a Protestant Theocracy from the founding and Oliver Cromwell.

    A person who is a BRITISH-ER is: (One who is of, or a man or person who is of the PACT or COVENANT, i.e. a “Covenant Man.”) A covenant or pact is an agreement made betwixt a nation, people and a GOD.

    As a Protestant Nation, the Church of England has been a bane to the Roman Catholic Church throughout the ages. Through hard fought struggles with Rome, England became free of the yoke of Roman oppression and tyranny. Leaders like Calvin, Luther, Cranmer, Wesley, Knox and others made the English and British great, rich and powerful.

    Not for 85 years, since 1937 when King George, has there been a male ruler of the British Empire. This is significant since only a man can be declared to be the rightful “VICAR OF CHRIST.” Since Jesus Christ was a man, only a King of England can be declared such title. The significance of which means that as Christ’s Vicar, he as King agrees to stand-in the place of or come before (Ante-Christ) and agrees to keep God’s Kingdom (U.K) ready for his return. Should Christ not return during the reign of the King, he can in fact be declared the living human embodiment of “God on Earth!”

    When the Roman Pontiff is coronated in Rome, he too is determined to be the “VICAR OF CHRIST” Q: Can there be, in a calm sane world two (2) Vicars of Christ?” A: NO, definitely not!

    According to Maxwell, this declaration at the coronation of the British Sovereign has been the point of contention and cause for political unrest and wars though-out the ages!

    If Charles is declared the Vicar of Christ–WATCH-OUT, history shows that there can only be one (1) doG at the top, and according to Rome, its the Roman Catholic Pontiff! If he does not declare as such, then the great Protestant British Empire is no more, having falling back under the control of the Roman Empire.

    Stay tuned

    • >>>> I should add that this is likely to be true in the event that the person who often times appears on television there in U.K., and has been talked about as a “likeness” to that of Charles, is in fact NOT a Catholic agent controlled by the JESUITS; but is in point of fact the actual Charles, son of the late QEII.

      A coronation by a Catholic Charles is not likely to be a problem for Rome.

      • This just in from the Washington Post:

        King Charles III may bring new approach to ‘Defender of the Faith’
        Kevin Sullivan, Michelle Boorstein – 2h ago

        (as posted on MSN)

        “…Charles said in a 1994 documentary that he was more a “defender of faith” than “the faith.” He questioned the impulse to prioritize one particular interpretation. “People have fought to the death over these things,” he said, “which seems to me a peculiar waste of people’s energy, when we’re all actually aiming for the same ultimate goal.” Instead, he said, he preferred to embrace all religious traditions and “the pattern of the divine, which I think is in all of us.”

        The Catholic Church has not and will not EVER change. This ecumenical approach means that the strength of the British Protestant empire, the Anglican Church has now been officially BLOWN-OUT. Charles does not know that ecumenical universal religion is not his goal, or a British but the goal of Rome to be one Universal Church. Charles signals his acquiescence, weakness, and a lack of vision. Vicar of Christ he is not! Rome rejoices!!!!

        BAD NEWS FOR THE BRITISH! The sun has now set on the British Protestant Empire.
        Become Catholic, say the Jesuits of be annihilated. That has not changed.

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