The 20 Year Lie!

As we near the 20th anniversary of 911, what really happened on that fateful day? Dr. James Fetzer reveals the 20 years of lies. Ginny Silcox discusses what could be expected if the grid goes down. Plus news and open lines. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. 911 was a bid demolition project.

    The plan was to demolition a building full of asbestos which would cost a billion dollars to remediate. The planning, cost and regulation hurdles to overcome would have been astronomically high to bring down the WTC buildings in a safe and legal manner.

    It all seemed to work fine, except on 911 as GWD was reading his children’s books, the towers should have remained standing. The bull horn blaring should have occurred with the towers still in tact, with gaping holes in the sides. An order to “pull” would have been given, and miraculously, the pre-wired and rigged to blow buildings would have been brought to the ground.

    My guess is the two (2) insurance policies on the towers covering terrorism, would not have paid-out, with so little damage that we all saw on television. So buildings showing fire and smoke showing less and less, were pulled to the shock of everyone watching it happen on live television.

    Winners: NYC Port Authority; Owner of WTC buildings; Bushes who got their war; big government and the surveillance state including the new Homeland Security; the military; and the media. They won because their share of the big business pie with all that money increased dramatically.

    Losers: Citizens everywhere and their rights

    • Maybe David who is from Michigan and Detroit area can explain why so many old vacant and deteriorating buildings have remained in Michigan for such a long time. Why not just knock them down? Asbestos used in all large buildings many years ago was an inexpensive, but effective fire preventative building material. Asbestos is the reason why. Remediation costs are deterrent to razing these buildings.

      Convenient acts of terrorism thwarts all local and state laws and regulations concerning the safe and legal means of remediation and demolition of vacant buildings.

  2. Almost all of of this information was available in a documentary easily available on YouTube. It was called: “Hidden In Plane Site.” I have not seen this in quite some time.

  3. On 9-11, one could say the plot of “Goldfinger,”plua a few additional special effects, got carried out with Fort Knox getting swapped out for the towers.

    • That is all a fairy tale, a distraction. Oh no Switzerland should be quaking because the deep state stole all the gold from the World Trade Centre, and is in Switzerland. Bullshit. All lies.

      If there were vast amounts of gold, why store it there? Foolish story.
      This son of of a Swiss Berger knows MUCH better. Taken by airplane, or by ship through congested streets? Oh wait there is a DUMB deep below the footprint of WTC right? And oh yeah, the tunnel goes right through, deep under NY harbor, clear across the Atlantic right…through the Swiss Alps to a secret vault. Yes, I see it now..okay.

      Does anyone know or care that the Chinese are training in Canada and possibly Pennsylvania and seem fit for a planned land INVASION of the Continental United States? OOPS, what do we do now?

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