Biden’s Granddaughter: ‘He Died 3 Years Ago!’

Joe Biden’s granddaughter Naomi says that he died 3 years ago and that the man portraying him as president is a twin brother. The FBI took a top secret list containing the names of VIP pedophiles during the raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a Lago estate. Ghislaine Maxwell may be involved in what went down. We have the latest. Erik the Mind Control Guy has more hair-raising stories to tell. Stephanie Schapp discusses Plum Island. Dr. Lana Kontos discusses Gardasil. Holly Phaon, a MK Ultra Mind Control deprogrammer also joins us. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. david i am james gordon from islip terrace ny. i have heard many stories of plum island. my grand parents came from italy in late 1890 to 1910. i know long islands history its a well closed problems. i wanted to say i got lyme from our back yard. i wqs bitten by 3 ticks but the funny things is hardly no one in our area has any ticks have them take natural. go to website and look for tick bite and you need to take the ultralaurin and bio- fibrin. it may take time for it to go away but really works. the ultralaurin is the ultimate monolaurin. very powerful. no side effects. the medication you guys talked about made me very sick. dr got very angry when i take this natural.. he took away my medication. also we knew about the vaccine. it was never safe. its part of 5 g. there is a connection. brentwood ny had tye highest virus. but it was a lie. the 5 g broke down the immune system. anyone can get any virus. we knew about biden. you can tell how he acts on tv. he changes all the time.

  2. some talk so much ABOUT what they WILL report but never get to the actual
    report and that wastes time. They need to jump right in and get to it. No talking ABOUT what you WILL get to – just jump in and get to it.

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