Robert David Steele Murdered!

How Did Robert David Steele Die? A 69 years old veteran of the USMC and the CIA, Robert David Steele was recognized for his work across the globe along with his extreme views. It is reported that he was admitted to the hospital on 16 August 2021, because he was diagnosed with COVID-19. Rumors said he request alternative medical treatment but the hospital refused the request and stayed with known protocols which included placing him on a ventilator. Was Steele murdered? New evidence may provide answers. Franchot Pearson discusses ‘losing your birthright’. Ginny Silcox on the new Vaxx. Dr. James Fetzer delves into the Steele death. Kimberly McGeorge reveals the ‘Secret To Everything’. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. I heard he was selling classified info to the cabal. Was arrested, tried and executed by military.

  2. Im in love with Ginny cillcox..
    She had done The work investigating the evil vac.. All the details she put out here was just terrifying.. Thank you Ginny thank you David.. Oh and that truck accident which carried pfizer vac?? Im pretty sure God did that

  3. Can we have Ginny Cillcox 2 hrs instead of 1??? Ot two times a week??
    Shes the best. And no more of this Kimberly psychic woman whos not by God’s Spirit..

  4. Where is the 09/01/21 episode? Just watched the first part on Rumble. Came here to watch the rest, and I can’t seem to find it. Yes, I’m an inner circle member….. and signed in.

  5. Very sad indeed. A truly creative man who single handed invented a more efficient open source intelligence collection methodology. If murder is deduced it was people who are not people and who do not know they do not belong on this planet

  6. Witnesses seem to go missing, or become dead at unusual times. Suspicious to say the least, just look at all of the strange and mysterious and “untimely” deaths which had occurred under the Clinton reign of terror. Lists showing many names of persons whose deaths surrounding suspicious circumstances have been circulated since the passing of Vince Foster.

    My wild imagination at work here, but I am wondering if events regarding pending litigation against the vaccine companies and the compelling of disclosure of ingredients has something to do with this death.

    Attorney Reiner Fuellmich from Berlin, Germany has, to the best of my knowledge, along with Dr. David Martin, and with an army of hundreds of international witnesses, doctors, and lawyers; assembled evidence and have filed subpoenas and legal briefs in order to compel the pharmaceutical manufactures to made full disclosure to the World public, and to present the facts as best they are currently understood about the Covid-19 debacle and the disastrous aftermath with current experimental use status of the so called, “vaccines.” As best I understand, these subpoenas have much legal weight with the auspices of governments behind them. Think of the crushing force of Niagara Falls in terms of legal weight and power!

    To the best I understand, and correct me if I am wrong–the pharmaceutical companies have just weeks to present full disclosure of the vaccine ingredient…..whatever is included, be that bat piss, snake piss, dog piss or a combination of all of the aforementioned.

    Furthermore, governments in Europe may decide to pull all vaccines including Denmark and Germany! If that happens, the narrative collapses. Reasons for the nightmare will need to be reached in a short order.

    A prodigious work by American patriot Joachim Hagopian, “Pedophilia and Empire” is a scathing five (5) volume set which discloses everything about the Satanic Empire which is being exposed. Robert David Steele recommended that Mr. Hagopian write this all important work. Mr. Steele wrote the foreword to this meticulously researched disclosure. It is most devastating to the cabal and deep state, who have been hard a work doubling, tripling, quadrupling down with their crimes to prevent this information from getting out.

    Mr. Steele would have presented evidence and testimony verifying this agenda. His death, as tragic as it is, may signal that disclosure is near the target. If disclose of the Covid-19 maelstrom is made to the World, which I believe was created to cover-up matters written about by Mr. Hagopian, then the dominos may start falling soon… Pray to God Almighty.

  7. The truth is coming out.The left controlls the media for now.They will smear anyone who exposes them.Of course they say he died from covid.BS. wait till the vaxed death toll becomes public. Its coming.

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