Oh Oh…Kamaltoe To Overthrow Slow Joe

Team Kamala is quietly visiting Cabinet members in person to test the appetite for 25A in light of Taliban. [Chief of Staff Ron] Klain and other Biden loyalists left out but surprised others seem ready and willing. It could happen next week. We’ll ask John Carman about it. Chris Wilson discusses the legend of King Arthur and the truth about the Lincoln assassination. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. Any leader that pro vaccine is the illuminati satanist.. This killmala kamela is born to be just that. And Biden is her bitch..
    And now Biden is no longer useful.. Cant see. Cant talk. Cant think. Cant walk. Biden pedo sick evil pervert its time for u to ride the Gitmo express

  2. David, I just watched part of your show via darkoutpost.com and at the end, I clicked the spot where it normally would say RUMBLE (there was your light bulb icon instead). It took me to David Zublick on RUMBLE. You normally post your live show to The David Zublick Channel.

  3. I’m not sure I like this John carman I did this I did that he’s so great not so much

  4. Kabala will only become President in Gitmo where she is right now. “She” has supposedly been missing since she went to Vietnam. Nobody knows where she is. I have a feeling she is on the Gitmo express. That leaves Biden and Pelosi. Very soon.

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