Military Releases Shocking Podesta Video!

Dark Outpost has obtained a video that the United States Military released, allegedly containing the damning evidence which sealed the fate of the late John Podesta, who was executed at Gitmo after having been found guilty of the most heinous crimes ever committed against humanity. Ginny Silcox continues her deep dive into the dangers of robotics and artificial intelligence. Dr. James Fetzer presents evidence of the staged New Zealand shootings. Dr. Kimberly McGeorge discusses her research with using state of the art technology for alternative health combined with the energy healing fields. She  also shares some of her personal paranormal experiences along with how she uses her psychic abilities to help people. Did we mention she’s a clone? Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. Really? as serious as the events are happening, why add porn to your website? The news stories will sell themselves. What’s going on David?

    • Cynthia Smith how can you call this porn. REALLY Cynthia?? When it is torture of little kids and children. People like you still don’t understand the truth that is going on with how sick and evil people are. Some people need to hear and see stuff to understand the truth. Thank you Dave for showing us the truth and keeping us informed.

  2. Hillery’s dog, oops i meant john podestas death was too easy.. They should of just terrorized crap out of his coward pathetic piece of sxxt and draw adrenocrome out where its most painful way.. And lets not forget his evil drawings on his palms.. Those two hands needs to be chopped off and sent to DS for sweet memories of their faithful dog..And then throw him in with real brutal men who knows what to do with pedos.. I would of done it this way.. Our true government is too nice!!!

  3. To cynthia..hey u dont have to watch this program when you have that kind of attitude. David is saving lives. Informing us crucial information. And u mentioned dare you!! I suggest go watch cnn and all the fake news and porn sites that u might agree with.. People like you dont deserve to see this program!!

  4. I saw that Podesta vid years ago. The military didn’t have to release it.

  5. John Podesta isn’t dead you stupid fools. My God what is wrong with you people. But I guess clicks mean cash so….

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