COVID & 5G Trigger Switch

New evidence provides shocking proof that 5G towers are a trigger switch for a violent COVID-19 vaccination reaction designed to wipe out every American citizen. John Carman will react. Michelle Stefanick continues her exposé into the African Embassy bombing, Benghazi and the 9/11 attacks. Chris Wilson breaks down the global extinction event that the military has been covering up since 1979. Plus…is there a Nazi base on the moon? Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. Im the one who called while back reg the 7G and why did the world presidents and elites got together and had a meeting and asked what that was all about..
    Well today i see that video clip david played reg the covid 19 box which will be on that wifi!!!

    This is reminding the movie called “CELL” with john cusack..where people all turned crazy killing each other and that wifi tower is controlling them. This movie is free on youtube.. Its pretty scary

    • I remember that in Italy I believed said that is true and they burned down many towers
      search duckduckgo with “5g towers burning”

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