Shock Report: Truther Charlie Ward Killed!

A prominent source has divulged that truther Dr. Charlie Ward has been killed by infiltrators within the White Hat community, and that Simon Parkes has been arrested and taken to Guantanamo Bay. He also reveals that other major truthers are now being targeted including Mel K and Juan O Savin. We have a full report. Stephanie Schapp discusses mind control techniques of religious institutions. Jessie Czebotar details Anderson Cooper’s involvement in child sacrifice. Dora Mattucci will detail a story of her struggle to save her adopted sons from the state. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. I have looked into this Kent Dunn his website nothing on his website confirms what his recorded message has stated. Regarding Charlie Ward , Simon Parkes and the others. These people are truthers. My question is why did the White hats go after them? They are on the same side correct? I cannot find anything about this report. Kent Dunns website has nothing to say about it. His intelligence report from who? Where? Not mentioned. interesting I hope is not true. It could make Kent Dunn not a credible source for truther info.

    • I just watched Charlie and Simon on Simon’s Bitchute channel. They were hysterically laughing about the story and making jokes. Charlie is with his family in Barbados and will be appearing next week in Rochester, NY at Clay Clàrk’s event.

  2. Cliff High has been spreading this info also, but he seems really happy about it. I think his attitude is wrong.

  3. Dave, if you have that nutcase Dunn on your show again, I will not watch your channel anymore. I’ve had more than I can stand of John Carmen too. It’s pretty likely I’ll be tuning out.

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