Shocker As Rumsfeld Commits Suicide At Tribunal

Dark Outpost has learned exclusively that former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who was reported to have died of natural causes on June 29th of this year, committed suicide during court proceedings at his military tribunal hearing at Guantanamo Bay. Brice Watson continues our deep dive into the missing books of the Bible. Miki Klann and Melissa Redpill also weigh in on the astronomy of the Revelation, Jacob’s Tribes of Israel, Trump’s bloodline, and gematria of it all to add to the information we’ve learned via the missing text. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. I have a question. Ok i know 100% sure there are so many fake look alikes that DS are using but how do they get their voices exact same when theyre being live interviewed??

    • They hire actors who have already been vetted to not only look like their doubles but to sound like them as well. One of Biden’s doubles, Arthur Roberts, 82 yr. old actor, sounds exactly like him. Also when the double is out in public the the entourage keeps him from talking by telling the press to keep their distance.

  2. And im so thankful our prsident Trump is ready to Rumble!!! Theres no words i could find to show my excitement!!

  3. David. You are not only a Biblical idiot but you are a fucking bullshit artist BAR NONE…..WHO BELIVES YOUR BULLSHIT?

    • Why are you here. Oh yeah just to spread hate because you need attention so bad.
      God Bless you. I hope you get what you deserve.



    “Sir as a defendant, what evidence have you assembled today as a defense
    against the charges which have been leveled against you?”

    “Well Sir, I do not have any evidence or witnesses so far; but absence of
    evidence is not evidence of absence”.

  5. Hi David. Thanks for letting the world know that the evil, arrogant and yellow-backed Donald Rumsfeld found his rightful end. As a Christian, I can only wonder what’s waiting for “Rummy” on Judgement Day! Also, thank you for your discussion of the use of advanced, esoteric technologies in the most diabolical way imaginable. I know personally since at least 2004 that these technologies are being used against innocent, law-abiding citizens. Minds and thoughts are being read — they are being read in real time. The excuse being used (helping people who are falsely characterized and misrepresented as needing “assistance”) for testing and “perfecting” these technologies are covers for the real reasons — diabolical and nefarious, directly entirely at death and destruction. As you pointed out so aptly, there have always been lunatics throughout human history that would and have taken any technology and turned them against all that is good. I have no reservation telling you that this is indeed being used; and the mainstream media is one of the main culprits in the propitiation of the schemes that have been spun by people like Rumsfeld and his “ilk.” I can, of course, go on and on. These stories all need to come out despite the reluctance on the part of most people to discount them and their willingness to accept the spun narrative that these stories are merely the false rantings of the disenfrancised, “conspiracy theorists,” the deceived and the “mentally ill.” Thanks again for your hard work and dedication to getting the truth out however difficult it is for most people to face the ugliness and violence that is a real component of human history and their unwillingness to let go of their comforting illusions. The majority of the population has absolutely no idea of what is going on in the world! How tragic when the world needs to see the truth like never before and we all stand at the precipice (sp?) because of the Rumsfelds, Bushes, “Kill” and “Killary” Clintons, Biden, Obamas, Cheneys, Michael Haydens, John Brennans, Anderson Coopers, Don Lemons and others who work for the “Criminal News Network” and others who work for “news” organizations such as the “Corrupt Broadcasting Corporation” here in Canada and elsewhere!

  6. Hi again David. Just another short note. I meant to let you and others know that I have found that there is one antedote — in my opinion, only one antedote. I encourage EVERYONE today to read the Holy Bible and fast!

  7. Why is there such a long delay. I am having a difficult time watching the nation that I love torn apart by pure evil.

  8. Such unbelievable nonsense. Oh, I reported that Rumsfeld was executed, but nope, he was alive then killed himself. WTF?

    “we still have the full facts of this.” The only reliable thing you’ve said in all the videos I wasted my time watching. Fact is you’ve never had a single fact by a real source 🙄

    The mainstream media reported his death? Which MSM outlet? I’ve never heard such a thing — not even from the fringe kook media on all the fringe outposts.

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