George Magazine Is Back: JFK Jr. Return Imminent!

As many of us know… Q has returned. George Magazine of course, was started by JFK Jr…. and many have speculated that Q is JFK. Jr. who is still alive. So it’s quite the timing for Q to return at the same time as George Magazine is back! s the return of JFK Jr. far behind? We have a full report. John Carman provides intel from inside and outside the Beltway. Janine Linehan has the latest conspiracy updates. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. David I find it extremely difficult to believe that our favourite President Donald Trump’s death can be ordered by his own son in law in order to prevent him standing again for election. I have been listening to you for many years and I find over 97 percent of what you say to be facts. In fact many of what you have said in the past have been independently confirmed from my sources. During my investigations the sources I usually use told me that it is not true that our beloved Donald Trump has been assasinated. Could the sources you used to find out Donald Trump may have been assasinated be part of a deception set up to give the cabal fake confidence in getting rid of Donald Trump in the light of anticipation of Supreme Court overturning the 2021 elections as this is likely to prompt the cabal to desperately resort to violent tactics to get rid of Donald Trump at the cost of thousands of Americans loosing their lives?

  2. Hi David! I watch your show fairly regularly, because for me it depends on your subject matter. I have been very upset with you, lately, to the point of being angry… you are becoming extremely negative about President Trump and I feel that a lot of the things you have said, are making you sound untrustworthy! I’m worried that you are another truther who has let themselves be bought out, by the DS opposition. Alex Jones is no longer to be trusted, he took hush money from the DS… and you just endorsed him!! Donald Trump has had many assassination attempts on his life (intel from Phil G) and he is now using a body double for some of his rallies. He is definitely still alive and well… it’s easy to tell the difference between the real Trump and his body double, even though his double does look and sound a lot like him!! You seem to have forgotten that Donald Trump has been the main catalyst, that really got the covet operation going, to take down the Globalist Cabal. Trump’s been a integral part of the White Hat alliance.. and he is loved around the world!! Donald Trump has more than earned the right, to be our President! He has been very busy keeping the promise he made to Americans, to drain the swamp. He was also the candidate who had over 87 million “lawful” votes, to win the election in 2020!! Phil G has had a lot of personal problems, due to his own, self admitted mistakes, but his intel has been interesting, uplifting, and as accurate as anybody else’s has been. Gov. Ron Desantis will make a very good President, when his time comes, but we need the return of Donald Trump first!!

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