Are These The End Times?

Are we living in the end times? Is the rapture near? Many signs seem to point to it. Jessie Czebotar gives us some answers. Peter Kirby and Ginny Silcox continue their deep dive into the chemtrail agenda. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. According to the learned Jordan Maxwell concerning, “The End Times/Last Days” and if we are in them, had much to say. He un-equivocally has said, “Yes, of course!”

    The End of the World and all of the dark and horrible images Hollywood has created for us in their movies ushering the World along an eschatological escalator of fear, doom, and despair is a lot of nonsense. Its all Bible Prophesy, so there is nothing that can be done about it, right? Wrong. Think, open-up your mind, and ask God for understanding.

    The real evil is that major events are SCRIPTED, as Lord Bacon, (A.K.A. “William Shakespeare”) the author of the very British King James Bible, or any movie writer fully knows.

    The dark forces of the World need consent and acquiescence of the masses, in order to bring about a plan of World conquest. If we realize that the Bible as we know it today is not literal history, but a carefully designed work of prose for the purpose of creating “Self-Fulfilling Prophesy”, then we begin to see things more clearly. Fear and panic are emotions used by the Church for centuries to get the masses under control. OBEY the Roman Catholic Church and its British Empire Bible Manual or go to HELL! In other words, the more who are afraid, and do nothing, and follow along as lemmings, the more the script becomes relevant. Pay your tithe, pay for sins in advance or go to HELL! It is all about business, nothing personal as Mr. Maxwell clearly states.

    Astral theology is at the heart of all major organized religions. According to Maxwell, the Vatican has on display a model of the zodiac with all of the signs and constellations. Really, why? What does this have to do with Jesus Christ? Nothing really. The End of the World, is about the Ending of the Age of Pisces, that’s all.

    If the British Empire survives, its next king will be proclaimed the “Vicar of Christ”. Since Christ was a man here on Earth, only a British king can be given such distinction. However, the Pope or Caesar of the Roman Catholic Church is also known as the “Vicar of Christ”. Why now, two (2) Vicars of Christ? Sounds like a problem. One of them gets declared the dubious distinction of “Anti-Christ” or “Ante-Christ”.

    America must wake-up and realize that the fear mongering is part of old systems attempting to take control or takeback from America, its God-given rights. Believe it Friends.

  2. The “Darkness” (of hell) and the “Light” (of heaven) are the “two sides” of “Satan The False god Ruler of this Dark Matrix Prison Planet Earth”.

    Satan is NOT mankind’s true GOD!

    Our true GOD is The One “True” Most High Father Original Source Creator God who (contains neither darkness nor light) is of “PURE GOLDEN INFINITE ETERNAL UNCONDITIONAL LOVE”!

    Mankind will refuse to “rapture” to Satan’s False Light “Heaven”!

    Mankind will instead “unplug” from Satans Dark Matrix Prison Planet Earth Trap.

    Mankind will then “merge” with THE ONE TRUE MOST HIGH GOD and become spiritually “AS ONE” with HIM.


Mankind will then “ASCEND” to the Pure Golden Spiritual Paradise Home Kingdom Of The One “True” Most High Father Original Source Creator God to live in Gods “Golden Infinite Unconditional Love” in Timeless Infinite Eternal Multidimensional Orgasmic Love Bliss Peace Power Joy Glory Ecstasy and Happiness, Forever!

    • Satan is NOT mankind’s true GOD!

      Beautiful. Exactly correct. The Powers of Darkness lead by Satan (SATURN-EL) not our true god, but is God of this old World system.

      The old Phoenician/Canaanite Systems were carried forth to this day. DAGON (fish-god) a god from ancient Sumeria continues when we see the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church wear his fish head mitre hat.

      When we use the expressions such as something is, “fishy” or phoney” (phony) even these words can be traced back to these old deceptive occult systems.

      Phoenician/Caaninite systems with the practice of Baal/Moloch worship and child sacrifice and “Caana-Baal-ism” or cannibalism is sadly real and in practice today. The Evergreen-“Evergiven” container ship which was stuck in Suez Canal in Egypt was full of human trafficked children for these sick practices.

      Our true God will help us, when he hears US, and when he knows that we have learned our lesson. God is saying, “I can not hear you, open-up your heart-repent and ask for forgiveness.” It begins with each person deciding to change and re-new his own own mind. It must be done everyday.

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