Smoking Guns

An Immunologist Told Dr. Anthony Fauci in January 2020 that COVID ‘Looks Engineered’. Fauci was at the very least responsible for the gain of function research that allowed for the release of this virus, and more than likely was actually involved in its creation as a bioweapon. John Carman discusses this and other topics. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. If John Carman is so damn smart, why don’t he run for President? He keeps talking bad about PRESIDENT TRUMP…he is our only hope so please shut up talking bad about him.

  2. If John Carman had listened to Charlie ward carefully, he would have picked up that Charlie mentioned a zillion of times he was only providing a platform to other people and all the time he was pointing out he is not an all-known prophet – but only Charlie. And he was encouraging all the time to do our own research and not only blindly trust to him – what we did. I think he was very honest about his own self. apart from that, respect to Mr Carman

  3. I hope this is all true, but my scepticism is roused when this is the only show that seems to have the contacts and insides. This sounds credible, but would be more so if others were also be verifying these stories. Also what will you say if, come the end of August, Trump has still not been reinstated.

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