Vaxxed People Are Starting To Freeze!

People who have received the COVID vaccine are suddenly starting to freeze up as though having been put in some sort of trance. Video evidence supports this unusual side effect. Ginny Silcox discusses the evil agenda behind HAARP. Dr. James Fetzer has an update to this report on Paul McCartney and other conspiracies. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. David, I so agree our conservative voice is being shut down. Yes by family and friends and media that does not agree with “their “ agenda. But David we need to keep speaking up cause we do have a voice! And truth will set us free

    • It seems that all those shutting us up and taking the suicide shot for the Globalists wont be around in a year or two so our voices will be the ONLY ones out there, and the Cabal wont be heard by us at ALL.
      In fact they will persecuted prosecuted and removed..

  2. You were talking about straight pride and then you said that maybe you’re gonna be in the doghouse forever with your family because they have some gay friends, so why do you let even family members make you feel bad about what you stand for? Jesus didn’t care what people thought about him friends or foe he had a mission he lived his life and he lived for what was real truthful and godly. Live your life as a stand up guy with integrity and don’t worry about family and friends trying to make you feel bad because you’re stating the truth they live in a different world in their mind and heart they don’t understand the truth will set you free read the Bible and understand the playing rules of this world and how was set up by the creator God

  3. About people who “freeze” after being vaxxed. It reminded me of some celebrities caught on camera who also went frozen. I assumed they were under some kind of mind control or subjected to trauma. The purpose of the vaccine was supposedly to turn people into “Zombies” – this proves the point. Add in a powerful radio signal, and they could be more easily influenced.

  4. That “freeze,” you describe seems like an “absence” seizure. (also known as petit mal seizure.) The pharmaceutical companies win again, with more and more people needing anti-convulsant meds! God help us!

    • Imagine if that happened when driving down the road, or a pilot flying a plane, or a Doctor performing open heart surgery….I took the vaccine, like an idiot, and I had something like that happen a few weeks later. It happened at night, I woke up, and could not move….felt numb etc, do not recall anything like this ever happening to me. Scared the crap out of me as I was sitting up. Kept it to myself until now, because it was a WTF just happened blip that lasted about 30-40 seconds. Thought it was an anomaly, but no so sure now…

  5. L divided from G ages ago because L are not promiscuous like most men. There are L’s with agendas. There are G’s with agendas. There are B’s with agendas. There are T’s with agendas. And then…there are the majority of L,G,B,T who are normal, GOD DAMN IT! I am so sick and tired of you BIGOTS lumping everyone together! Are you aware that most G don’t want anything to do with most T’s?

    You are lumping not only all L’s together, all G’s together, all B’s together, all T’s together, BIGOT, but also EVERYONE WHO IS NOT CLAIMING TO BE A BREEDER, LIKE YOURSELF, BIGOT.

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