Do You Know This Man?

How well do you know the man Donald Trump? You’ll find out in this episode. Dr. James Fetzer and Brian Davidson provide proof positive that Uvalde was a complete scam. Dr. Lana Kontos has Wellness Wednesday. Sandy Glaze presents incredible information linking real school shootings to antidepressants sold by pharmaceutical companies. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. If Uvalde was a scam, it was Jesuit theatre. After all, The Show Must Go On!

    The spiritual exercises of Loyola, the Founder of the Roman Catholic Jesuit Order include visualization and imagination to create an indoctrinated but manipulable TRANCE or hypnotic state. The MK-Ultra mind control project is what it is.

    Fear created in the minds of the enemy is the greatest weapon in warfare.
    Americans, do not loose track of reality. There are real and quantifiable and tangible reasons for the violence that in many cases “appear” to be happening.

    • The United States does NOT have a random gun violence problem!

      It has rather, a well organized: CATHOLIC / JESUIT / COMMUNIST / DEMOCRATIC infiltration problem. Call them what you wish, they all point to the same source.

      >>>> Study the works of the following brilliant researchers and LEARN:

      Eric Jon Phelps–author of: “Vatican Assassins”

      Prof. Walter Veith of So. Africa, erstwhile Catholic and Professor of Zoology and Christian Pastor (Bitchute)

      Pastor Bill Hughes–author of: “Secret Terrorists”

      Most importantly, DO NOT GIVE-UP ON JESUS CHRIST!

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