Leaked Autopsy: Hillary Died Twice!

Dark Outpost has obtained a copy of the autopsy of Hillary Clinton. The results are shocking to say the least. They appear to show that Hillary died twice. John Carman provides news and intel from inside and outside the beltway. Dr. Bryan Ardis discusses the origins of the Monkeypox virus and reveals that snake venom is in Remdesivir. Janine Linehan previews her latest documentary. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. Hillary is ALIVE…and WELL.
    She may die…maybe in 30 MORE YEARS.
    In the mean time…her campaign advisor, Robbie Mook,
    ratted out Hillary on her fake Trump “Russia collusion” story.
    Mook is not long for this world.
    He will soon be *CLINTONIZED*.
    He’s already on the Clinton Kill List.
    He’ll be poisoned…plane crash…car crash…or thrown out a building.
    Mook is a DEAD MAN WALKING.
    This Hillary death story by Zublick is total *bullshit*.

  2. Sometimes people forget that this is God’s plan and He is in control. If we lift up our voices to Him, He always hears us.

  3. The Bitchute recording keeps breaking up and skipping.
    Wish your programs would be on Brighteon or Roxytube or
    BrandNewTube or UGEtube. WE all can get those but we hate Rumble since that is only for High Tech device membership so we never get ot see anything on Rumble and Bitchute has apparently gone that same way so we can no longer get Bitchute either.
    And your own website will not allow us to join it. NONE of the joining things work. Will not go to the “FINISH” line.
    So we cannot see anything on that website either. We are pretty much cut off from your programs. Please use the open-to-all formats listed above.


  4. WE cannot see or make out the words what you put up on screen – it’s cut off. Can’t see who’s talking as your guest. Everything is cut off – screen is not long enough.
    Anyone who uses Rumble never gets their video or reprot seen by over half of those who could if they’d get off Rumble and get on Brighteon or Roxytube or UGEtube or BrandNewTube ! WE can all get those. But once Rumble has it you cannot show it anywhere else because Rumble owns anything put on them. They do something to the videos so they only show on Rumble by the Rumble membership !

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