Deathbed Confession: Moon Landing Faked

The Chief of Security of a secretive military base where the moon landings were filmed, finally confessed his regrettable participation in this despicable government fraud on his deathbed. Annette Rauch provides an update on her planned march against CPS abuse. Meghan Walsh and Penny Shepard continue their exposé of John Walsh, whose less than savory connections to mob figures and his perverted lifestyle as a sex addict have allegedly driven him over the edge and propelled him to take custody of Meghan’s children. Chris Wilson discusses MI6 Operation Tamberlin, Britain’s secret war in Antarctica. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. 02/04/2022–1227 CST

    Faked, as far as the NASA person involved best understood.

    Many scenes that we all saw of the landings were pre-made! Film was made in advance just in case that disaster occurred.

    If the fantasy stories about Bob Lazar and all of those secret projects are correct, then he paints a scenario of stark compartmentalizing. That is, one person and one small part of the picture, never the big picture. It was similar at NASA at that time.

    On one hand, NASA did explore the Moon, and was warned off because of the Moon Base and reptilians there. On the other hand, could never happen because of the Van Allen Belt, and all of that deadly radiation.

    That does not seem to make sense because the story about the Van Allen Belt was apparently NOT known to NASA scientists until Apollo 11 was ready to launch. However, probes were sent to the Moon for many years before the manned missions and somehow they had no radiation readings about the “lethal Van Allen Belt” before Apollo 11? That is a load of hogwash. Word of a lethal Van Allen Belt would have leaked NASA in 1969 to the press, somehow, which was at least open and pro-American at that time. Furthermore, John Lear says the second stage of Saturn V never worked. That, as best I understand from those I know, is a lie.

    Another urban myth is that equipment for additional missions were already made, but apparently not launched because the program had ended. The launch of Apollo 18, and 19 from a remote island detectible only by Navy ship was the beginning of secret space program activities, because the successful Apollo Missions had gone dark. All of this reported by Dr. Michael Salla, an Australian who writes on a site known as:

    I’ll share an intuitive insight about the missions that explains how the missions were able to navigate a dangerous radiation belt AND achieve lift off from the Moon surface without the use of rocket thrust.

    Our concepts of antigravity through direct energy is now for more persons better understood. The B-2 stealth bomber uses positive and negative charged plates. That is, the rear end of the B-2 is negatively charged and the front is positively charged creating a negative driving force forward.

    The Apollo lander blast offs from the lunar surface were not chemical explosions but were ELECTRICAL SPARKS when electrical polarity is dramatically changed. NASA footage shows electrical sparks or charges upon lift-off. (Place like poles of magnets together and get repulsion) Nazi Dr. Kurt Debus of electrical engineering fame probably rigged the Apollos with some antigravity capabilities, which enabled the crafts to navigate the Van Allen radiation belt, and to lift off from the lunar surface with the trace electrical charge evidence seen in the mission footage.

    The Bulova company created ultra sensitive seismometers which were placed on the lunar surface. Tests of seismic activity prove the Moon is hollow.

    Further when astronomers (even amateur such as my self) wish to know the EXACT distance from telescope focal point with respect to lunar positioning and its distance between the Earth and the satellite, can utilize or ping laser detector/reflector on the lunar surface with a laser pulse. Exact coordinates are know of at least one or more of these laser reflectors. Precision timing given the speed of light will give the EXACT distance of the Moon from Earth at that point in time.


    Lastly, Michael Collins tells says that he went to the Moon. That is good enough for me.

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