McDonald’s Still Serving Human Meat?

New reports are coming in indicating that McDonald’s is still serving hamburgers made from human meat and in particular the remains of sacrificed children. Strange signals are being received from outer space that could be a harbinger of a possible alien invasion, or a false flag designed to make us believe one is coming. John Carman will join us with the latest intel. Janine Linehan discusses her next documentary. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. ..”Where’s The Beef”!!!

    Old Clara Peller knew what was going on!
    Damn straight.

    • Drive-up Attendant: “Welcome to Cannibal’s may I take your order?”

      Driver: “Yes, I would like to order a New World, please.”

      Drive-up Attendant: “………SURE, One New World Order..coming-up..
      please pull ahead…first window, please. Thank you.”

  2. It is well known that McDonalds burgers are made 100% all beef patties. They even have their own company called 100% all beef patties so there!!

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