Where Are You In The New World Order?

Correspondent and political candidate Christi Tasker and L. Todd Wood of CD Media discussed an upcoming event in Miami focused on the protection of children from child trafficking, as well as vaccine whistleblowers. Gary Wayne of the Genesis 6 Conspiracy broke down the various hierarchies of power within globalist agenda, from Freemasons all the way up to the Council of 13.. Greg Penglis of Action Radio showed how all of us can write our own legislation and have it sent to congress. Kerry Cassidy (Inner Circle) discussed Richard Nixon, the Secret Space Program and transhumanism being achieved through the mRNA vaccines. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

To watch the first 3 hours of the, click here:




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  1. David Martin has several lawsuits already going on for gain of function and as he says pre meditated murder … this is already happening in Utah courts … please get him on your show . To explain . Many involved in Canada and the U.S did this under moratorium which is illegal … I love this idea for we the people to get involved thank you for all you are doing … remember in school we learned about a bill? Well now we have the opportunity to write a bill we always have yet we’ve been complacent .trusted our representatives . It’s now time we the people write bills…

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