Congressional Candidate: George Floyd Death Was Deep Fake Technology

A crime so heinous that it shocked the nation. Sparking protests, civil unrest, riots, looting and anarchy. But did it really happen? Who was George Floyd? Who is Derek Chauvin? Is what we saw in the now infamous encounter in Minneapolis fact? Did it occur the way we were told it did? And who or what was in the golden casket? A congressional candidate claims we are being played, and that what we witnessed is a giant PSYOP and that she has the facts to back up her claims.


  1. Where’s the link to download Dr. Heart Strong’s report? I want to download it!

  2. It must be true Dropbox isn’t working, the truth is being censored by idiots that are a part of the deep state. I’m really sick of all this crap going on, I never believed any of this and there is so much more as well, the Colorado shooting and all the other bullshit that the left / Satanist are peddling, it’s all staged to take our guns and freedom away, my question is when will we the people finally get busy and take our country back? Are we going to wait until they kill the best president we’ve ever had, Donal J Trump…….

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