BREAKING: COVID Vaccine Contains Alien DNA

The new COVID-19 vaccine that is scheduled to be rolled out in the next few weeks contains alien DNA for the purposes of creating alien-human hybrids. John Carman joins us to discuss. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. In one of your videos last week you said if we subscribed to your website, sent you a receipt of our subscription line up and the set up an account with Rumble and Bitchute and sent you our username that we set up to that you’d be sending the those special research reports you have. I have sent that information and followed up multiple time over the last week and have yet to receive them or any type of response. Please send to Thank you.

  2. aliens ARE DEMONS SPRITS thay have no dna but the shots have dna /rna humans and nanomights

    • I have heard that the DNA comes from the giants that have been covered up by the Smithsonian institute. Sounds plausible to me.

  3. And people refuse to wear a mask to protect themselves and republicans in office refuse to push wearing masks and close down places where people gather and spread or contract the virus.

  4. Over half of the video all you do is talk about signing up with the dark outpost inner circle, I should count how many times u say dark outpost inner circle in this video, anyways its quite aggravating how you go on and on and on about it, cus I enjoy watching all your stuff, you have good info and its credible I dont enojoy or wanna watch when I have to skip the first 15 mins

  5. Hello everybody,
    the whole thing fits very well with how I see the situation.
    A week before the 911 attack, I had a dream. I’ve never had such a vivid dream in my life before. It was winter and there was snow on the streets.
    In this dream I saw two skyscrapers that turned from a “normal state” into two black coffins.
    Then I saw how these two coffins turned into a gigantic spaceship. From this spaceship with thousands of lights, it looked like a city in the sky, many smaller ones came loose and landed on earth. I also saw the strange beings that were in these ships. They were very large at least 2.5 meters. (Human almost but uglier)
    When I followed the 911 incident on television (in 2001), my first impression was that the whole incident was a public human sacrifice. There seem to be people in the US government who worship these beings like gods, but they must be invited with such a sacrifice before they come.

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