BREAKING: Biden In Tether, Obama In Prison

Video footage has emerged showing Barack Obama in a prison cell. Photographic evidence provides proof that Joe Biden is under house arrest and on an electronic tether. Dark Outpost Inner Circle members will see that footage and those photographs tonight. Also, there have been MASSIVE movements of troops, equipment and supplies WITHIN the continental United States. The US Navy is positioning Aircraft carriers and their strike groups off both the US east and west coasts. It appears we are preparing to defend ourselves from an invasion. Intelligence circles say that if the Supreme Court voids any or all of the November 3 election due to the massive fraud and violations of the US Constitution with changes to election laws, the Democrats are planning on asking the United Nations to INVADE to depose Trump as a “Dictator.” leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

To watch the opening news segment on Bitchute, click here:

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  1. obama is not in prison and those prison images are from 2009.. im a trump supporter but cmon guys stop with the fake news… dont be like msm

    • It’s true, I will never understand why people refuse to believe this, does trump strick you as a push over? Not, he and military sessions, mad dog and more are running the tribunals, it’s been censored out but fact is, it’s true.

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