7 Days To Zero

With only seven days before Joe Biden and Kamala Harris usurp the Oval Office, what are Donald Trump’s plans? Has he signed the Insurrection Act? Will there be Martial Law? Greg Halpern and Dr. James Fetzer discuss strategy and options. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. I have just received a video on tik tok on my smartphone showing our beloved President Donald Trump ‘admitting that Joe Biden won the election and he is very sorry about this. Our president also said that on January 2oth Joe Biden will be inaugurated as the president of United States and all Americans should refrain from violence and accept this because he believes Joe Biden will do a great job as the president of United States. I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT THIS IS A GENUINE VIDEO OF OUR PRESIDENT. I THINK USED THE VOICE OF OUR PRESIDENT AND SOMEHOW MANAGED TO CREATE THIS FAKE VIDEO. The democrats are so desperate to get rid of President Donald Trump because he is aware of the crimes they have committed and may take action against them. The fact that the democrats have gone to the extent of creating this fake video confirms the desperation of the deep state.

    • They have the technology (Deep Fake CGI) We know Our President Loves this country and has been a faithful President. Keep praying for President Trump. ??????

  2. This was very informative! Thank you so very much! I’m behind our President Trump all the way!

  3. If and when the video footage of some of these traitors is ever released, i’m sure thats what the democrats & media will say, its fake (cgi), I’ve found that whatever they accuse others of doing, is actually what they did, so so many times especially over the past 4-5 years. These are very sick evil & twisted people we are dealing with.

  4. Are you usin cgi because when you were lifting the arms over ur head you were going invisible lol..you are invisible..so what are you ? You are not a live person on this video

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