Near Death Experiences!

Christi Tasker discussed voter fraud in Miami-Dade, Florida. Laurie Hagedorn detailed her near death experience. Eric Mintel talked about his passion for paranormal investigations. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us […]


The Binding Of Isaac!

The Binding Of Isaac is a video game that is tied to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. We explore the horrors behind it. To watch the program, click here:  


Doctors Murdered My Daughter!

Janice McAfee weighed in on a Scientific American article alleging that the cardiac arrest suffered by Damar Hamlin was the result of racism. John Carman discusses Ashli Babbitt’s mother being arrested at the Capital on […]


Dark Forces At Work!

Monica B. continued her discussion on her background and that of her satanically controlled super-soldier husband. Tania Joy Gibson talked politics and pop culture. Suzy Q. addressed UFOs, demons and gods. Leave the world you […]


“I Was Part Of The Stargate Project!”

Currently residing in Alaska, Eric is a self educated research investigator that takes from his many odd life experiences and connects with others. Eric was raised on Long Island the home of the now famous […]


January 6th Boogaloo!

Nick Alvear of Good Lion TV and Gina Bisignano discuss their ordeals on January 6th, 2021 at our nation’s capital. To watch the program as a Dark Outpost Inner Circle member, click here: To watch […]


Memoirs Of A UFO Spy!

Tony Topping describes his horrific experiences as a UFO abductee. To watch the program as an Inner Circle Member, click here: To watch the program via pay-per-view, click here:  

Dark Projects

Did COVID Vaccine Claim Damar Hamlin?

Christi ReevesTasker discusses the Damar Hamlin injury. Was the COVID vaccine responsible? Laurie Hagedorn provided more evidence of biblical flat earth. Preston Dennett talked about miraculous healing of UFO abductees. Leave the world you think […]


The Greatest Lie Ever Sold!

In this episode, we explore the greatest lie ever sold. The Holocaust. Special guest Dr. James Fetzer. To watch the program on Dark Outpost TV, click here: To watch the program on a pay-per-view purchase, […]

Dark Projects

Government To Put Kill Switch In Your Car!

John Carman says the U.S. Government to put kill switches in all vehicles by 2026. Dr. Bryan Ardis and SRA survivor Cathy O’Brien talked pedophilia, child sex trafficking and the clot shoe. Meghan Walsh updated […]


American Gulag Prisoner Speaks Out!

Dr. Michael Fredrick discussed pedophilia nd child sex trafficking. Dr. James Fetzer had part one of his two part Top 12 Stories of 2022.  Chris Schlager discussed cryptids and other phenomenon. Gina Bisignano, a January […]


Murder, She Writes!

Erik (The Mind Control Guy) Frazier discussed more of the horrific details of the experiments the United States Military conducted on him. Laurie Hagedorn presented more evidence of a flat earth. Dr. Lana Kontos persuaded […]


Navy Seals Trafficking Children!

A shocking exposé indicates the United States Navy Seals are sex trafficking illegal immigrant women and children. Jessie Czebotar reveals the horrible truth! To watch the program, click here:


The Exact Date Of Christ’s Return Is…

Monica B. and Steve Wilkins used Biblically-based gematria to accurately predict the exact date of the Second Coming of Christ. Tania Joy Gibson discusses beauty pageants. Suzy Q presented evidence of the Mandela Effect in […]