Demon In The White House

Paranormal investigators believe there’s a demon in the White House. John Carman will weigh in. Actor Nick Mancuso also joins the fray. Cirsten W. will be here with the latest intel. Leave the world you […]


Are We There Yet?

With the nation appearing deeply divided over the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, how close are we to civil war in America? With 5G cell towers seemingly popping up everywhere, and with COVID vaccines threatening to combine […]


Stargate At Area 51

Images captured by Google Maps show some structures or military complex with a kind of “Stargate” device, a short distance from the famous Area 51. John Carman will weigh in on this and other stories. […]


Mind Over Monsters

Meghan Walsh, Penny Shepard and Hellywood Reporter Mike Pack on MKUltra in the media and entertainment with emphasis on serial narcissist John Walsh. Dr. Lana Kontos discusses cancer, heart disease, diabetes, weight loss and more. […]

Dark Projects

The Real Zombie Apocalypse

Ginny Silcox provides evidence that the COVID vaccines will literally turn those given the injection into zombies. Dr. James Fetzer concludes his series on the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial as the jury deliberates his fate. […]


Spiritual Warfare

What happens when Christians turn on other Christians over non-essential doctrine? False accusations, derision and division surely follow. When one person’s character is attacked by another, especially when the attacker is supposedly a respected man […]


Is Astral Projection Satanic?

Are practices like astral projection, remote viewing and bilocation Satanic in nature? We’ll ask Jessie Czebotar. Michelle Stefanick continues her exposé of the African Embassy Bombing of 1998, Benghazi and the attacks of 911. Stephanie […]


The Astroworld Experiment!

Ginny Silcox goes off the grid to explain that the horrors of the Astroworld concert were part of a Satanic experiment by our government, using a combination of frequencies from Travis Scott’s music, graphine oxide […]