Gaslighting Children!

Christi Tasker discussed the results of the special election for the Miami City Commission and continued to expose the corruption there. Reva Steenbergen talked about the gaslighting of children in a marriage where one of […]


Jim Carrey’s Manifest Destiny!

Jim Carey threatens to sue anyone who posts info indicating he was on the flight logs of Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express. Mary Elizabeth Reddish, discussed exposing child trafficking in Hollywood. David Sumrall presented the latest […]


Alien Abductee Travis Walton!

Tracy Tormé and Travis Walton discussed alien abductions.  Dr. Tau Braun talked about the importance (or lack thereof) of having a medical degree when discussing COVID> Dr. Lana Kontos weighed in the dangers of statin […]


Biden’s Ukraine Visit Faked!

Was Joe Biden’s trip to Ukraine faked? Video footage seems to indicate that either he was replaced by a body double, or it that the event was staged. Christi Tasker presented evidence of corruption on […]

Dark Projects

Ohio Residents Reporting Melting Skin!

Residents of East Palestine, Ohio report changes in their DNA structure and melting skin as a result of the chemicals from the train derailment there. Janice McAfee discussed the latest update on her attempt to […]


What Is Project Bluebeam?

It seems the nearly 8 billion people living on Earth can’t seem to agree on anything, much less cooperate to achieve a goal. But what if there was some way to unite them, to push […]


Are The End Times Upon Us?

Steve Wilkins, Monica B., Tania Joy Gibson and Suzy Q. postulated that everything being experienced right now from the train derailments to the UFOs to earthquakes signal the beginning of the end times. To watch […]


The Dark Triad

Psychologists have identified three traits that make up the sinister-sounding “Dark Triad”: narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy. In this episode, we examine this toxic personality trait. To watch the program, click here:


Coincidence Or Conspiracy? Ohio Chemical Spill Cover-Up!

Dr. Reginald McDaniel provided more evidence that the nutritional supplement he has developed helps bone metabolism, cardiovascular function, auto-immune and allergy issues, wound and burns healing. Tracy Tormé discussed Hollywood leftism reflected in scripts for […]


Fake Alien Invasion Coming?

Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot Portal weighs in on the UFOs being spotted over our planet. Will there be a fake alien invasion? To watch the program, click here: