Ukraine On Fire!

Igor Lopatonok is the director of Ukraine On Fire, a documentary about the Ukrainian political situation which explains why the United States is propping up a corrupt government. To watch the program, click here:


The Story Behind Sliders!

Dr. Reginald McDaniel introduced us to New Eden, a mixture of micronutrients which returns to the modern diet vital nutrients once found in the family garden and orchard in a more agrarian society. This is […]


Are Humans Obsolete?

Are humans as a species obsolete? Will we become extinct or transhuman due to plans by globalists? Kerry Cassidy addresses the issue. To watch the program, click here:


Virtual Reality Hell!

Christi Tasker addressed whether spanking is child abuse. Nola Lola discussed the case of Amanda Rabb, a prostitute who was committed to an institution which used virtual reality techniques to “cure” her of mental illness, […]


Out-Of-Control Cops!

Janice McAfee, John Carman and Dr. Bryan Ardis weighed in on the Memphis police brutality case. Meghan Walsh updated us on CPS corruption. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at […]


Should Christians Have Guns?

Monica B. discussed the PSYOPS used by churches to control people’s minds. Rachel Milligan asked whether Christians should be armed and kill others to protect their families. Nick Alvear previewed his latest documentary “Escaping The […]


Half Moon Bay False Flag!

Rainy Robinson discussed the Alec Baldwin shooting.  Dr. James Fetzer presented evidence that the Half Moon Bay Shooting was a false flag. Chris Schlager talked about cryptids and fallen angels. UCIJ showed proof that Pfizer […]