American Gulag Prisoner Speaks Out!

Dr. Michael Fredrick discussed pedophilia nd child sex trafficking. Dr. James Fetzer had part one of his two part Top 12 Stories of 2022.  Chris Schlager discussed cryptids and other phenomenon. Gina Bisignano, a January […]


Murder, She Writes!

Erik (The Mind Control Guy) Frazier discussed more of the horrific details of the experiments the United States Military conducted on him. Laurie Hagedorn presented more evidence of a flat earth. Dr. Lana Kontos persuaded […]


Navy Seals Trafficking Children!

A shocking exposé indicates the United States Navy Seals are sex trafficking illegal immigrant women and children. Jessie Czebotar reveals the horrible truth! To watch the program, click here:


The Exact Date Of Christ’s Return Is…

Monica B. and Steve Wilkins used Biblically-based gematria to accurately predict the exact date of the Second Coming of Christ. Tania Joy Gibson discusses beauty pageants. Suzy Q presented evidence of the Mandela Effect in […]


Planned Parenthood Selling Baby Parts!

Dr. Michael Fredrick discussed Satanic Ritual Abuse and trafficking of illegal immigrants. Dr. James Fetzer broke down the Russia-Ukraine taxpayer ripoff. Grizzly On The Hunt and Big Jim talked UFOs and cryptids. A secret guest […]


Flat Earth Or Biblical Earth?

Erik (The Mind Control Guy Frazier) revealed that there is a cure for cancer but as we suspected, Big Pharma will go to any lengths including killing doctors to prevent it from getting out. Laurie […]


Will Trump Be Prosecuted?

Christi Tasker of Patriot’s Perspective and Alan Fountain og Georgia Families 4 Justice discussed whether the criminal referrals against Donald Trump will result in a prosecution. Gary Wayne presented evidence of Nephilim giants and their […]


Do Not Use Vaxxed Blood!

  Janice McAfee discusses her former life as a prostitute.  John Carman, Alexander and the Colonel update us on the Russia-Ukraine War. Priscilla Romans of Graith Care talks the importance of having a patient advocate […]


1871 – The Year Everything Changed!

Monica B and Ayala Nunez of talked about Nephilim giants among us today. Rachel Milligan discussed contracts and your legal rights to legally avoid debts. Nick Alvear weighed in on January 6th protests. Leave […]


Will We Get All Of The JFK Files?

Monica B. discussed the Antichrist and whether he could be a clone. Robert W. Sullivan provided his take on the government’s partial release on the JFK assassination documents.  Nick Alvear talked about whether JFK Jr, […]


Elon Musk Brutally Raped!

In an 11-page affidavit by Jessie Czebotar, she details how the Luciferian Brotherhood of Northern Circle committed heinous events that involve a Satanic ritual “Elon Musk” was forced to participate in when he was 12 […]


10th Anniversary Of A False Flag!

Dr. Michael Fredrick discussed the sex trafficking of indigenous women and children. Dr. James Fetzer marked the 10th anniversary of Sandy Hook.  Chris Schlager and Ginnette Lucas talked about their new paranormal and true crime […]


The Secret Space Program!

Marlon Browne and Corey Fair of 2Strong Fair Media discussed their podcast, and Corey daid he believes fathers should always get custody of the children in divorce cases. Tony Rodrigues talked about the secret space […]


Demonic Possession, Schizophrenia And Hearing Voices

Monica B. revealed some powerful information about Lavey. Rachel Milligan dissected the fact that we are actually assets of a corporation called the United States, rather than citizens with individual rights. Psychotherapist Jerry Marzinsky said […]


The Antichrist May Quantum Leap!

Monica B. discussed the Antichrist and whether interdimensional portals such as CERN will be the method by which he is brought into our realm. Robert W. Sullivan IV talked about symbolism in motion pictures. Suzy […]