Sexualization Of Children Goes Back Decades!

Sexualization of children is nothing new. It goes back decades. Janine Linehan also interviews Mark Kishon Christopher on topics ranging from property rights to cannibalism. To watch the program, click here:


JFK Did Not Die In Dallas!

Christi Reeves Tasker and Meghan Walsh discussed the alleged JFK assassination on the 59th anniversary of the event. Boyd Anderson presented more evidence of the cover-up of Malaysia Flight 370. Leave the world you think […]


Confirmed: Epstein Alive!

Janice McAfee joined us to continue her conversation about her life as a former prostitute and her marriage to John McAfee. John Carman, Alexander and the Colonel gave an update on the Russia-Ukraine war and […]


Mothman: The Terrifying True Story Behind It!

Monica B. of discussed the horrifying sounds coming from the caverns near the Euphrates river which according to Bible prophecy is a gateway to Hell. Dr. Bob Kousoulas talked about the cryptid creature known […]


Dave Chappelle Killed And Cloned?

Monica B. of R3TV Ministries discussed Adolph Hitler, Operation Paperclip and Antarctica. Johnny Cirucci of Resistance Rising stressed the importance of discernment in digesting information from alternative news sources.  Nick Alvear talked cloning and whether […]

Dark Projects

Oops They Did It Again!

Dr. Michael Fredrick discussed child trafficking in various states. Dr. James Fetzer presented evidence on how the 2022 midterm elections were stolen.  Author Max Hawthorne talked about how fitness clubs and gyms rip people off. […]


Rabbit Holes And Yellow Brick Roads!

Suzanne Seddon discusses her book on domestic abuse which she would like to turn into a movie.  Robert W. Sullivan, Esq. talks about hidden subliminal messages in mainstream motion pictures like The Wizard of Oz. […]


Watch: Child Predator Caught On Camera!

Erik The Mind Control Guy discusses the implications and repercussions of time travel. Dr. Tau Braun talks about the maturity level (or lack thereof) when it comes to our voting public. Dr. Lana Kontos explained […]